Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


10. Only You

The nurses ushered me out of the room as the doctor ran in.  I ran back to the boys, screaming and crying.  The boys looked at me and immediately knew what had happened.  Liam laced his arm over my shoulder.  “Come on, lets go home.”  He said, calming me down.  “No, I’m going to stay here.  I’m gonna wait and see what happens, okay?”  I said.  They nodded.  “Okay.  We’ll bring you dinner.”  Louis said.  I nodded.


****1 Hour and Dinner Later****


The doctor came into the room.  “Well, I have good news!  Niall is okay!  He was going into a coma, due to blood loss, but we managed to pull him out of it.  We is now ready for visitors.  Only you, though.  We don’t want him to be too overwhelmed.  Oh, and take it easy on him.  He did just pull out of a coma.”  He said.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I called Louis.  He picked up immediately.


“MARIE!  Oh my gosh, is he okay!?”  He shouted into the phone. 


“He’s fine.  He just pulled out of a coma.  The doctor said that he didn’t want to overwhelm him, so I’m the only person allowed to see him for a little while.”  I said.


“Did the doctor say that, or do you just want some alone time with him?”  He asked me, suspiciously.


“The doctor said that, I swear!”  I exclaimed.


“Sure he did.” 


“Whatever.  Look, I’m gonna go see him now, okay?”  I said.


“Okay.  Bye!” 


I hung up the phone, and went down the hall to Niall’s room.  “Hey, Nialler!”  I said as I entered.  “Marie!  Hi!”  He said, weakly.  “Hey, no need to talk.  You need to relax.  Try and sleep!”  I said.  “Okay, but if I fall asleep, do you promise you’ll stay here with me?”  He asked.  “Of course I will!”  I exclaimed.  He grabbed my hand, and I curled up on the end of his bed.  We fell asleep. 

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