Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


13. Off The Market

“WAKE UP!  IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!”  I awakened to see all of the boys jumping on my bed, trying to wake me up.  I groaned and flipped over.  “Why!?”  I asked them.  “Well, it is only the day that you were born on!”  Louis sing-songed.  I sigh.  “Why did you wake me up so early!?”  I said, tiredly.  “We are going to take you out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today!”  Liam said.  “Fine, but if you want me to get up, you guys had better give me some privacy!”  I said, giving in to them.  They grinned, jumped off of the bed, and ran out of the room, closing the door behind them.  I walked into my closet, looking for the perfect outfit.


I finally decided on a white, flowy, lacy shirt with a neon pink undershirt, hot pink skinny jeans, and white flats.  I threw my hair into a ponytail, and put on some mascara.  I looked in the mirror.  “Done.”  I said, complementing myself.


I walked into the living room, where the boys were waiting on me.  The boys all looked over at me.  Niall looked at them.  “She is mine, don’t forget it!”  He said to them.  They all laughed.  Niall walked over to me, and grabbed my arm.  “Again with the ‘yours’ business…”  I said.  Niall blushed.  “Do you want to make it official?”  He asked me.  I nodded.  “So, now we are dating, correct?  Like, boyfriend and girlfriend?”  He said quietly.  I nodded in conformation.  His grin was larger than I even knew was possible on one teenage boy.  I returned it.


“Stop smiling at each other like idiots, and let’s go!  I’m starving!”  Exclaimed Zayn.  We chuckled at him and agreed.  We walked outside, to be mobbed by a ton of fans.  “Really?”  Harry sighed.  “I hope they don’t rip us to pieces.”  Zayn joked.  There was a crowd of reporters mixed in with the fans.  “Are you guys dating?”  A reporter asked me and Niall.  Niall turned to me.  “We don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to.”  He said.  “No, I want everybody to know that my Nialler is off the market.”  I replied.  He nodded.  “Yes, we made it official about, oh, 2 minutes ago.”  He said to the reporter.  The reporter thanked us, and then headed off to his news van.  We didn’t answer any more questions.  Everyone can find out anything they want about us from that reporter.


****After Breakfast****


We went back to the flat.  Luckily, the fans and the reporters were gone.  Niall turned to me once we were inside.  “That van said Channel 8.  Do you want to see if we are on TV?”  He asked me.  I nodded and went to the family room to turn on the TV. Sure enough, there we were.  “So, now everyone who is watching Channel 8 at the moment knows we are dating.”  I said.  He nodded.  “Is that okay?” He asked.  “Yeah!  I’m the one who decided to go on the record anyways!”  I said, lightly.  My phone rang.


“Hello?”  I said, answering it.


“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE DATING NIALL HORAN!”  My friend, Claire shouted at me.


“Gosh, Claire!  Why so loud?”  I asked.


“Hrrrmmm… let me think…. Because you are dating NIALL HORAN!”   She screamed.  I was afraid this was going to happen.  Claire is a huge fan of One Direction, and Niall is her favorite.  He has been since the X Factor.  I sigh.


“Claire, it’s not a big deal.  Niall is a normal guy.  He’s just like every guy back at home.”  I said.  Niall looked at me, smiling.


“Okay, okay, okay.  But, you have to let me meet him!” 


“Not if you keep fangirling!” 


“Okay!  No more fangirling!  But, I have to meet him!  ‘Kay?”  She asked.


“Fine.  Hey, I gotta go.  Hot boyfriend next to me.”  Niall laughed. 


“’Kay!  Bye!”  With that, I hung up the phone.  “Who was that?”  Niall asked.  “My friend Claire.  She loves you.  Its going to be really creepy when I go back home, and she has posters of my boyfriend all over her wall.”  I said, joking.  “I can imagine.  Wait, how long do you have left here?”  He asked.  “Ummm…  I think 3 months?  I don’t know it exactly to the day.”  I said.  He sighed.  “Why can’t you stay here forever?” 

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