Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


2. Niall

"Ummm... I thought we were going to your flat, Auntie?" I asked her.  I recognized the roads we were on, but we were heading away from her flat, not toward it.  "No," she said, "We are heading to your flat.  I figured since you were staying here for 4 months, you would want a place of your own.  Wouldn't want to be bothered by your old Aunie, now would ya?"  She said in a joking manner.  I leaned over the seats and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "Thank you so much!"  I exclaimed. We pulled up to the flat. It was a pretty cream color, and was enormous.  "One more thing.  You will be sharing the flat with the boys."  She hopped out of the car before I could protest.  I screamed. The boys looked at me, amused.  "Was that a good scream, or a bad scream?" Louis asked, rather snarkily.  I glared at him.

The inside of the flat was just as big as it looked on the outside, if not bigger.  There were six bedrooms, an oversized television room, an enormous kitchen, a dining room, and an office.  Not that we would need the office.  None of us worked.  They were in a band, and I didn't have a job.  Maybe we could convert it into another television room.  Wait.  Rewind.  Did I just think "we"?  No. This is not our flat.  This is my flat.  If only the boys would remember that...

I walked into the television room to see Liam deeply engrossed in Toy Story, Niall and Zayn on twitter, Harry sound asleep, and Louis was nowhere to be seen.  "Where's Louis?" I whispered to Niall, carefull to not duisturb Liam.  "Probably seeing Eleanor." Niall said loudly, oblivious to Liam.  Liam turned to him and shushed him.  I walked out of the room, giggling.

I walked into the rooms, five of which were already claimed.  I opened the door to the empty room at the end of the hall way, assuming it was mine.  Inside was painted a beautiful lilac colour.  Filling the room was a king sized bed, an oversized dresser, a desk, and 2 doors, which I assumed led to my closet and bathroom.  My own private bathroom!  I squealed in delight.  Niall came running in.  "Where's the fire?" He asked, which caused a round of giggles from me.  I started unpacking.

"You want some help?"  Niall asked me.  I nodded. "Sure."  I picked up the bag that was full of normal clothes, instead of the one full of panties and bras.  I'll do that one later.  You can unpack this into the dresser and the closet?" I asked.  He opened the suitcase, and his face turned fire engine red.  I peeked into the bag I gave him.  My face soon matched the color of his.  I had given him the wrong bag.  "Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed.  "I gave you the wrong bag!  I'm so sorry!"  " 'S Okay." He said, quietly.  I handed him the right bag, and got to work on unpacking.

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