Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


4. Nandos

We were having a grat time at Nandos.  The conversation flowed smoothly, without any awkward pauses, which I was thankful for.  I jumped a little when Niall placed his hand on my thigh.  He looked at me, concerned.  I relaxed and smiled at him.  Louis must have noticed, because he stood up and said, "Here's to Narie!"  He laughed, and soon everyone else joined in.  Niall and I both stared at the ground, faces red.

"Aww... come on!  It was only good fun!" Liam said when Niall and I refused to join the conversation at the table.  We were off in Niall Marie land, population 2.  We chatted, and laughed, and held hands under the table.  If the boys found out about our hands, we would be forever teased.  Niall looked up at someone.  "Can I help you?  You've been here for 5 minutes without saying or doing anything!" He snapped.  "Yes.  Give me the girl." A farmiliar voice said.  My head whipped around to see Chris, with a gun pointed right at Niall.




Thanks for the likes and favourites, guys! I really appriciate it! Sorry this chapter was so short.  I had a longer one, but my computer broke down on me.  :(  Any comments, questions, or suggestions can be sent to  Thanks again!

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