Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


9. Mrs. Johnsten

“He didn’t make it.”


That was it.  I had a serious mental breakdown.  Screaming and crying all over the floor.  “I’m so, so sorry for your loss, Mrs. Johnsten.”  I looked up suspiciously.  “I’m not Mrs. Johnsten.”  I said, wearily.  Her face turned red.  She apologized.  A tall man with grey hair walked in a couple of minutes after the confused nurse left the room.


“Hello!  Are you guys here for Niall Horan?”  He asked us.  We nodded simultaneously.  “Okay.  He is in stable condition, so one of you can see him.  Only one.  Now, who will it be?”  He asked us.  All of the boys pointed at me.  Except for Louis.  He pointed at himself.  Liam grabbed his hand and pointed it at me.  Awah!  How sweet of them!  I stood up and followed the doctor into Niall’s room.


When I walked in, Niall was awake.  “MARIE!”  He shouted, then started coughing.  I walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.  “Take it easy, Nialler!  You did just get shot!”  I warned him.  He laughed and then grabbed my hand.  The doctor, who was still standing at the door, turned red and walked out.  We laughed at him.


“Hey, Niall?”  I asked.  “Yeah?”  “Well, before this happened,”  I said, gesturing to him, “you…  ummm… called me your girl?”  “I hope that’s okay?”  He asked, rather shyly.  “No, well, I mean, yeah!  But, I just wanted to know why?”  I prodded.  Suddenley, the machine Niall was hooked up to that monitored his heartbeat started beeping faster.  He laughed.  “You see what you do to me!?”  He said.  “Ah, ah, ah!  No avoiding my question!”  I said, teasing him.  “Ummm… well…. See, the thing is… I kin-“   He was cut off by a long beeping.  “No.  NO!!! NIALL!!!”  I screamed.


For the second time today, my world felt like it was over.

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