Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


26. Dealing

It had been a week since Niall had forgiven me.  We were going on our first date in a while, and I was really excited about it.  I was ready, wearing a dark blue dress that hugged me in just the right places, and I had done a blue smokey eye.  I winked at myself in the mirror.  "You are beautiful."  I whispered, to conquer my insecurities.  "Yes, you are."  I heard a whisper say.  Startled. I turned around, to find myself in Niall's loving arms.  I smile at him.  "Babe, before we go, I need you to do something for me, please."  He said, now in a normal voice.  "Sure, anything!"  I say, eagerly.  I owed him, and one small favor won't hurt.  "You need to talk to Liam" he said.   I sigh.  All week long he had been pestering me to talk to him about what I had overheard.  "Okay" I say, resigned.  I head to the Great Room to find Liam.

When I walked in, I found Liam chatting with Louis on the couch.  I take a deep breath, preparing myself for what I am about to have to do.  "LiLi, can I talk to you?"  I ask, hesitantly.  "Yeah, sure!"  He says, then looks at Louis, smiling.  Louis shakes  his head, knowing what was about to go down.  I head down the hall, and Liam follows me.

"Liam... look.  Don't ta-" I start, but Liam cuts me off by landing his lips on mine.  I pull back, and slap him.  "Liam.  Don't you EVER do that again.  I called you out here because I heard you and Louis talking about your crush on me.  I want to dispell that.  I have a boyfriend.  His name is Niall Horan.  He is your best friend.  Would you really want to ruin your friendship because of me?"  I say sternly.  He looks at the floor.  "I'm so sorry.  I'm a little emotional right now.  Dani broke up with me last night."  He whispers.  He looks up at me, and I can see the pain in his tear-filled eyes.   "When Lou and I were talking, Dani and I were going through a rough patch.  I wanted to make her angry, because I thought she had cheated on me.  Lou didn't know.  I had called Dani, and put my phone in my pocket when she answered.  I talked loudly, to make sure she could hear me.  She called me yesterday to tell me that she was planning a birthday party for me, and that she couldn't believe I had wanted to cheat on her.  I love her.  I don't know what to do."  He says, sobbing.  "Does Louis know?"  I ask him.  "No."  He whisperes quietly.  I pull his head up to look at me.  "That is the first step.  Tell Lou.  We'll go from there, okay?"  I say, and smile at him.  He looks back at the floor.  "Okay"

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