Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


7. Date Night

I walked around my closet, stressing.  What was I going to wear!?  Fancy, or casual?  I don't want to scare him away by being too serious, but I want him to think of me as more then a friend.  "Need a little help?"  I heard a voice behind me say.  I turned around, to see Eleanor with several bags in her hands.  "El!  You are my savior!"  I accepted her offer of help, graciously.

After 15 minutes of hair and makeup, I got Eleanor's approval.  "Now, for the clothes!"  She said, pulling out a, if I do say so myself, phenomi-NIALL!  It consisted of a flowey pink tank top, black jeans, pink pumps, and a pink and black striped bag.  I raised my eyebrow at Eleanor.  "Stripes?"  She lauged.  "Louis picked it out.  You have his stamp of approval to wear stripes tonight!"  We both fell into a laughing fit, but then I abruptly stopped.  "Louis knows about this?"  She blushed at the floor.

When I walked out of my room, the boys were gathered there.  They all stopped talking, and stared at me.  Harry cat-whistled.  I blushed.  "I'm... ummmm.... going.... for a walk?"  I said.  Or, rather asked.  It came out more as a question than a statement.  "Sure you are."  Louis said.  I blushed deeper, and pushed past them. 

I felt two strong arms wrap around me.  I turned around, to be greeted by a kiss on the forehead.  "Hey Nialler!"  I said, happily.  "You ready to go?"  He asked.  I nodded.

****At the Park****

We snuggled up on the bench, as it was getting very cold outside.  "You cold?"  He asked, as if he read my mind.  I nodded and snuggled closer to him.  "If I had thought to bring a jacket, I would give it to you..."  He said.  I laughed.  "Did you know Louis knows about our date?"  I asked him.  He blushed.  "Yeah.  He got me dressed."  He mumbled.  I laughed.  "El helped me!  Now, wait a minute... do you think they excluded the jackets on purpose?"  We both laughed.  "Knowing them, yes."  He said.  "Can we get them back?"  I asked, rather devilishly.  He mumbled something incomprehensible.  "What was that?"  I asked.  "I don't mind it."  He whispered.  I blushed madly.  "Neither do I."  Now, we were a pair of tomatoes.    Of course, nothing good can last long, right?

"What are you doing with my girl?"  Chris growled.  Lucky for us, he didn't have a gun this time.  "Marie is NOT your girl.  She is MY girl."  Niall said, equally menacingly.  My heart melted.  I was Nialls girl now.  Oh, wait.  No need to get all lovey-dovey now.  I stood up.  "What do you want!"  I shouted.  "Why can't you just leave me ALONE!"  "Don't pretend you don't love me."  Chris snarled.  He tugged up the bottom of my shirt, to reveal my scar.  "Remember?  L for love!"  He shouted in my ear.  "NO!  I NEVER LOVED YOU AND I NEVER WILL!"  I screamed.  Chris pulls out a gun.  Dang it!  He hid it in his jacket!  I would have never suspected.  Wow, I feel so stupid right now!  Chris pulled the trigger.  I saw a flash of blonde hair as Niall took the bullet for me.

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