Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


19. Date Night: Take Two

Niall walked me to a large black limo parked outside.  I smiled at him.  “I appreciate the thought, but can we drive my car?  It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t gotten a chance to drive it yet.”  I said to him.  He laughed.  “Okay.  I’ll meet you in the middle.  We can take the convertible, if I drive.”  He said.  I accept his compromise. 


****At Nando’s****


We pulled into the parking lot, and I was feeling exhilarated, because we had driven here with the top down.  “I’m going to go freshen up.”  I said to Niall, before heading to the bathroom. 


I looked in the mirror, and pulled my comb out of my purse, to fix my hair.  Then, out of one of the stalls, walked Brooke.  Great.  At my old highschool, Brooke was the queen bee.  She was always bullying other people, and had a new boyfriend every week.  She couldn’t be bothered to wear the same outfit twice.  Every Friday, the Plastics (that’s what we call the popular girls) go out shopping to buy new clothes for the next week.  Brooke shrieks.


“Maria!”  She squeals, “I haven’t seen you in so long!  I’ve missed you!  Let’s catch up.  Did you bring that adorably hubby of yours?”  Fantastic.  I knew what was coming next. Brooke always became ‘BFFs’ with the girl who has the hottest, or most popular, or most athletic boyfriend, just so that she can stab them in the back when they aren’t looking.  She is very much a ‘home wrecker’. 


“Brooke.  You are not going to steal Niall from me.  I went to school with you for long enough that I know what you do.”  I growled.  She sighed.  “Fine.  I tried to give this to you the easy way.  You’ve asked for it.  Niall Horan is MINE!”  She shouts at me.  I laugh at her.  “Sure.  You think what you want.  And by the way, it’s Marie.  Not Maria.”  With that, I strutted out the door.


Back at the table, Niall and I are having a fun conversation.  “Did you know that… Louis likes girls who eat carrots?”  He asked.  I laugh.  “Yup!”  He was trying to find a fact about the band that I didn’t know, and so far, he was failing.  That’s when Brooke decided to make her re-appearance.  “Here comes the devil.”  I mutter.  Niall looks at me confusedly.  I glance over at Brooke.  He understands, and gives her the cold shoulder when she walks by.  He continues our conversation.


“What is Harry’s middle name?”  He asks me.  “Edward.  That was so easy!”  Brooke says in a preppy tone.  I roll my eyes at her.  “Hello again, Maria!”  She says to me.  I sigh.  “What do you want, Brooke?”  I ask.  “Why don’t you introduce me to your adorable boyfriend here.”  She says, resting a hand on Niall’s shoulder.  He pulls it off.  “Yeah.  Why don’t you go introduce yourself to those people over there?  I’m sure they would love to see your ugly face.”  Niall says.  I cheer for him in my head.  Point 1 for Niall and Marie, 0 Points for Brooke.  She shrieks and stalks off.  I high-five him.  Then, the waiter comes with our bill.

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