Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


22. Brooke <3

Laura walked in my door.  “Marie?”  She asked.  I look up.  She grimaces.  “You’ve looked better.”  She joked, trying to lighten the mood.  She sees the upset look I give her, and immediately changes her approach.  “Do I wanna know why Niall is crying at the park, and he told me not to tell you where he is?”  She asks sympathetically.  I shake my head.  “Which park?”  I ask.  “The Southern one.”  She said.  I nod and slowly get up from the floor.  I love Niall, and nothing will change that.  Not even Liam’s crush on me.


I walk into the front room and grab my keys.  Then I think against it.  It would be better to walk.  I put the keys back on the key rack by the front door, and head out.


****At the Park****


I see Niall sitting on a bench,  with his head in his hands.  I walk over to him, and put my arm around his shoulder.  “Niall...”  I start.  He stands up and walks away from me.  I lose my patience.  “NIALL!”  I shouted.  He whipped around.  “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!”  He screamed.  “I want you to understand!”  I exclaim.  “Louis was comforting me.  I am going through a rough time right now!”  I said to him.  He looks at me.  “Really?”  He asks.  I nod.  “Wait.  Why are you upset?”  Then I tell him about Liam and Louis’ conversation.




“I really like her man, but I’m dating Danielle.”  Liam whispered.  “I would tell you to tell her, but you might hurt Niall in the process.” Louis replied.  Wait, hurt Niall in the process?  Who was it that Liam was crushing on?  “I know I shouldn’t like his girlfriend, but I do.”  I heard Liam say.  Niall’s girlfriend.  That’s me!  Liam has a crush on me! 


****End Flashback****


Niall’s eyes fill with fresh tears.  “This shouldn’t be happening right now”  He whispered.  Just then, his phone buzzes.  I glance at it. 


From:  Brooke <3

Hey babe!  I had tons of fun yesterday!  See ya again 2marrow?


I suck in a breath.  Niall looks at his phone, and then looks at me.  It dawns on him what I had just seen.  I purse my lips, and run away. 

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