Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


18. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

“Marie!  There are tons of boxes out here, and they are all from your mother!”  I heard Zayn shout from the front door.  It had been two weeks since we had last seen Chris.  We had finally gotten the renovations finished, and we now had a comfortable living space for nine people.  We transformed the hidden hallway and rooms into 3 more bedrooms (for Kianna, Claire, and Laura), another living space (which we call the Great Room), and a workout room for the boys (mostly Liam).  The safe room is still intact, and is hidden behind a one-way mirror (you can see out from the safe room, but you can’t see in it).  It was quite nice.  I went to the front door to help Zayn with all of the boxes.


After my birthday, my mother had sent us everything that was mine, including furniture.  Now, in my room, I have several bean bag chairs, a computer, and a TV.  I like spending time in there, but I’d rather spend time out of it, with all of my friends. 


“What did she send us now?”  I asked Zayn.  “Looks like, silverware, pots and pans, a coffee maker, a tea maker, and a paper towel roll holder.  Seems like she thinks that we have nothing.  She is furnishing our house for us!”  He exclaimed.  I laughed, and helped him unpack everything.  I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist.  I turn around to see Niall.  “Hey, Nialler!”  I said, happily.  “You know, we should have a date night.  One that doesn’t end up with me being shot.”  He said, laughing.  I smiled.  “Definitely.  How about, Nando’s?”  I asked.  “You know me too well, Marie.”  He said.  I winked at him.  “You know it!”


I went to my room to get ready for our date.  I walked into my closet, looking for something nice that he hasn’t seen me in before.  I chose a purple dress that hugged me in all of the right places, and a matching pair of purple heels.  I did my hair in a waterfall braid, and put on some mascara, as Niall doesn’t like me to wear too much makeup.  He says that it masks my natural beauty.  I appraise myself in the mirror, and decide that I look perfect.  I grabbed my purse, and walked into the Great Room, where everyone was gathered.  Niall smiled at me and stood up to take me by my arm.  “You look phenomi-NIALL!”  He said, giggling at himself.  I smiled and shook my head.  “You are one insane boy, Niall Horan.”  I said to him.  I turned to Kianna.  “Hey, look after James, will ya?”  I asked her, referring to the Lab/Pit-Bull mix dog that Niall had given me for my 18th birthday.  She nodded.  “Now, go!  Have fun!”  She said, shooing us out of the front door.  “Bye Kianna.”  I said.  “Bye M.”

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