Walking In One Direction [A Louis Tomlinson Love Story]

Harmony Loven was best friends with Louis Tomlinson before he auditioned for the X Factor, joined One Direction, and became an international heart-throb/singing sensation. She stuck with him through everything, and by Louis and the boys pulling some strings, she lives with them, goes on tour with them, and is like a sister to them. Louis is happy that Harmony is his friend, but there's only one flaw- she wants to be more. (WARNING: There will be swearing, violence, and slightly detailed naughtiness(; read at your own risk.)


1. "Snow" Day

[Harmony's POV]

"Guys I'm ho-" I stopped short as I entered the kitchen. Which, by the way, was covered in flour. "Is that you Louis?" I added, as I could just make out a figure near the edge of the kitchen.

"Yeah!" he replied brightly, emerging from the flour cloud and wrapping me up in a hug.

"Ew, Lou! You look like a ghost and now I probably do too!" I whined, my heart skipping a beat as he hugged me.

"YOLO," Louis replied simply, unwrapping himself from me. I looked down at myself and groaned--flour was not a good look for me.

"Care to tell me what happened?" I allowed a hint of laughter to get into my voice.

"Louis tried baking a cake," Liam's voice sounded. He didn't sound pleased. The flour fog finally cleared and I was surprised to see Niall on the floor eating chocolate chips and Zayn perched on the counter, staring worriedly upward, most likely wondering about his hair. Harry was nowhere to be seen.

"Has anyone ever told you you can't bake, Lou?" I questioned condescendingly.

"Haters gonna hate," he responded, a goofy smile on his face.

"Liam, how could you let this happen?" I exclaimed with fake disbelief, ignoring Louis completely.

"I can't make sure that Niall doesn't eat everything and watch what Louis is doing at the same time," Liam retorted. He was upset, I could see that much.

"If anything, I would've watched me instead of Niall," Louis said.

Liam rolled his eyes and shook his head, allowing flour to cascade down to the floor.

Speaking of the floor, I thought, what is Niall doing there?

"Niall, did you fall over or something?" I asked, trying to stifle my laughter.

"No, I just got lazy," he shrugged.

"So...what's with the snowstorm? How did the flour get from inside the bag to all over the kitchen?" I gestured all around the kitchen. There was a silence until Louis coughed, sending flour flying outward into the air.

"Right, well...I was pouring flour into the little cup thingie and it slipped out of my hands and fell. I tried to kick it back up and it exploded," Louis explained.

I raised my eyebrows and then laughed, shaking my head. I then turned and walked out of the kitchen without a word.

"Don't worry, we'll clean it up!" Zayn called after me sarcastically.

"Good, it's your mess anyway," I hollered back. I really needed a shower, as I was covered in flour and it was starting to stick to my skin and itch. I set my bag of stuff down on the table and took by bags from PINK, dELiA*s, and Bath & Body Works upstairs.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I was stopped short by Harry--who was completely naked.

"Ah jeez, Harry! Put some clothes on!" I shrieked, covering my eyes with my hand.

"I wish I could, but I seem to have lost my clothes," he explained. I could just hear the cocky smirk that was probably plastered on his face in his voice.

"What does that even mean?!"

From downstairs, I heard Louis laugh.

"You bastard!" Harry called down, laughing. He pushed past me and raced down the stairs.

Thank GOD! Now he was their naked problem.

I smirked when, as if on cue, the four other boys downstairs shouted something along the lines of, "Harry, put some bloody clothes on!"

Walking into my room, I placed my bags onto my bed and then walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I turned on the shower to a nice steamy temperature, stripped, and got in, taking a ten minute shower.

After ten minutes of humming random songs (and, you know, washing my body of course), I stepped out, wrapped a towel around myself, and made a quick bee-line for my room. Once inside, I rummaged through my clothes and picked out a simple pair of baggy, faded, dark blue Hollister sweatpants that I stole from Louis (which I rolled up at the waist because they were huge) and a grey, long sleeve shirt from Aeropostale.


After slipping into the comfy clothes, I unpacked my bags from the mall (which included a red "LOVE PINK" sweatshirt, lime green skinny jeans and a new pair of Converse from dELiA*s, and a small bottle of Ocean Breeze lotion from Bath & Body Works). I put my hair up into a messy bun and bounded down the stairs.

As I reached the bottom, I was confronted by Harry, who was unfortunately still naked despite mine and the boys' warning to just put some freaking clothes on!

I shielded my eyes once more and yelled, "Why do you not have clothes on?!"

"Louis told me you hid them. And don't block your eyes, you know you love this," he taunted simply.

I felt my face get hot, which added to my frustration. "Harry," I said exasperatedly, "I don't have your clothes."

"Well who else would take them?" he replied.

I gave him an "are-you-kidding-me?" look, but then I remembered my eyes were blocked. "Oh, I don't know...Louis maybe?" Sarcasm was fun.

"Hey, don't get so sarcastic! I'm just as distressed as you, Harmony," Harry whined defensively.

"Harry, you're naked all the time until someone forces you into clothes," I pointed out.

"True... But still, I need my bloody clothes!"

"Louis!" I shouted, blindly sidestepping Harry and then unshielding my eyes. "Louis!" I called out again.

"Yes, love?" He poked his head out the kitchen, and I noticed he was still covered in flour.

"Where are Harry's clothes?" I normally would've smiled at him calling me "love", but I was frustrated at that moment.

"Remember? You hid them," Louis said, a smile on his face.

"What? I don't even remember-"

"You don? I helped you find them, Harmony," Louis scolded, frowning.

"Okay..." What?! "Well, where exaclt did we hide them? Harry needs to have clothes on."

"What, you don't like seeing me naked? Ouch," I heard Harry say. I wasn't about to turn around and glare at him though.

"Under your bed," Louis whispered. What the fuck?!

"Uhh... What? Why did you-"

"We," Louis interrupted. Cheeky bastard...

I frowned. "Why did we hide Harry's clothes under my bed of all places?"

"Because that's where you said we should hide them!" Louis said, tapping my nose with his finger as if to say "silly you!"

I tried not to blush as I rolled my eyes and turned around, shielding my eyes once again. "Harmony, Harry's not there anymore," Louis said gently.

I took my hand down, but immediately put it back up when I saw...yup, you guessed it...a still-naked Harry Styles. "Fuck you!" I yelled, laughing.

"Later..." Louis mumbled, returning to the kitchen. My cheeks flamed, and I started thinking that maybe I should've stayed at the mall.

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