A Summer In Paradise: A Harry Styles Love Story {On Hold}

Annabeth is visiting her rich aunt in Florida this summer. She has never met her or nor does she want to. But she may stay when she finds out her aunt's job is managing a band called One Direction. Five cute boys she has never met and never wants to get close to but as the summer goes on Annabeth may realize that she has fallen for one of the famous boys. This story is about finding out who you are, love and most importantly friendship!


11. The Middle Of Summer

I woke up to the birds chirping, the waves crashing and me happy. I had a wonderful boyfriend, great friends and so far the best summer I have ever had! I crawled out of my messy bed and walked downstairs while yawning. As I entered the kitchen all five boys were surrounded around the computer. They whipped around when they saw me come in. My hair was a tangled mess below my shoulders, I wore a long sleeved pink off the shoulder shirt and white pj shorts. I yawned again. Wow I was tired. Harry walked over and gave me a huge hug.

"How was your sleep love?" Harry asked.

"Good, I guess" I answered while trying to see what the boys were looking at on the computer but I couldn't see through all of Harry's curls.

"Oh you want to see what were looking at?" Harry asked in a sarcastic voice. I nodded my head with a bob. "Well your not seeing!!" And with that he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder with me screaming and yelling.

"Harry let me go" I screamed. "HARRY!!!" He laughed and put me down. But we were in a closet.

"Why are we in a closet?" I asked confused.

"Because I'm going to kill you!!!" He said in a very deep scaring voice.

"Ahhhh" I fake screamed. I didn't need to scream for long because Harry cut me off with his lips. His lips were rough and warm against mine. I kissed back and he pushed me against the wall. He stopped for a second.

"And then your knight in shining armour comes to save you" Harry murmered. He began to kiss me again when the door swung open.

"Harry are you in here? Did you tell Annabeth..." Louis yelled then trailed off when he saw Harry on top of me in a storage closet.

"Um.. never mind... I'll leave you two to it.." Louis continued. "Have fun!" He shut the door with a bang. Harry gave me one last kiss on the lips then grabbed my hand and we left the closet.

*Later That Day*

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Hello" Meera asked on the other end of the line.

"Hey MeMe wanna come to the Middle Of Summer Carnival with me and the boys?" I asked. I was not prepared for what came next.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Meera screamed.

"Was that necessary?" I yelled back while holding the phone a mile away.


"So I'm guessing that is a yes"

"Duh yes!" She insisted with a hint of sarcasm.

"Ok we will pick you up at 7:00"


We exchangened our goodbyes and hung up. I went upstairs to get ready. The boys had finally told me what they were up to. They had planned to take me to the MidSummer's Carnival. I couldn't wait it was going to be so much fun!

*At The Carnival*

After a rushed dinner -which Niall was not happy about-  we drove to Meera's mansion to pick her up, drove to the carnival, paid for tickets and got in, we only had 1 hour left. I was upset but there was no point in wasting our time complaining. We all took our seperate ways. I went with Harry, MeMe went with Niall, Liam and Louis went together and I don't know where Zayn went.

I was having so much fun. Harry and I went on all the rollercoasters, did the guessing games, Harry won me a pink unicorn- being manly enough to do the arm wrestling with a wrestler, lost the big prize and won me the small pink unicorn for trying- went to the food venues and now we were in line for the ferris wheel. Harry kept checking his phone but I didn't say anything because we were up next. We climbeed into a seat and I chomped on my cotten candy. The ferris wheel started working and then it wasn't, we were stuck at the top. I am deathy afraid of heights so I covered my eyes.

"Annabeth look at me. Annabeth" Harry said sternly. He took my hands off my face and held them in his.

"I love you more than anything else in the world. You have to know that. And I hope you feel the same way." Harry admitted to me. I gasped then very quickly leaned in to kiss him. It was a passinote kiss. I forgot about all my worry's, problems and fears and only focused on Harry just Harry. We came out of the kiss just as the ferris wheel was descending.

"I love you too Harry. I love you too."

*15 Minutes Later*

"HARRY WE HAVE TO GO... HARRY!!" I screamed through the park. I was looking at some neckalaces and he had just dissapeared. I was starting to get worried. The park was closing soon and it was dark out. All the others had gone home already.

"HARRY!" I yelled again. I turned into a alleyway expecting nothing. But as I squinted into the darkness, it didn't look like nothing. I gasped in shock. I couldn't even look it was so horrible. I was shocked to the bone. I felt numb, foolish and used. At  that moment I couldn't even describe what I was feeling. But I had one feeling that I should say something and fast.

*A/N Sorry I have not been updating. I have been really busy with school and my sports that I never have time to update. Sorry but I hope you liked this chapter. Comment and Favourite Please. Thanks :) 

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