A Summer In Paradise: A Harry Styles Love Story {On Hold}

Annabeth is visiting her rich aunt in Florida this summer. She has never met her or nor does she want to. But she may stay when she finds out her aunt's job is managing a band called One Direction. Five cute boys she has never met and never wants to get close to but as the summer goes on Annabeth may realize that she has fallen for one of the famous boys. This story is about finding out who you are, love and most importantly friendship!


3. Miami

Helen's yellow Porshe sped up a long paved driveway, past a set of iron gates and tons of hedges and trees. Out from all the green loomed a humongus cream coloured mansion with a inground pool, balcony's, golf course and complete with the ocean in the backyard. Downtown Miami was 5 minutes away but by driving the Porshe probably more like 3 minutes.

"Wow." Was all Annabeth could say.

"It's nothing much compared to the L.A. houses I've visited"

"They can't be much bigger"

"Try like 5 times bigger"

Annabeth's aunt was Helen Baker big time realestate agent. She could sell any house, any time.  Helen had been doing realestate for over 25 years and loved her job but decided that maybe she should try something new for a change. Helen quit her realestate job and got a new job managing a hot new boy band from England. Annabeth didn't ask which boy band because frankly she didn't care.

They reached the garage which was like the size of Annabeth's house. Helen parked the car and showed Annabeth a tour of the house. It took almost a whole hour. The mansion was huge and polished. Everything was so sleek and modern. All the furniture was by some fancy designers that Annabeth had never heard of in her life.

"This is your room so go take a look" Helen pushed open a bash coloured door into a neon green and eletric blue guest bedroom. It had a king sized bed in the far left corner of the room, wooden side table, a big desk with a laptop, printer and phone set up, a gigantic walk in closet, a purple beanbag chair, another door leading to a private bathroom and sliding glass doors leading out to a balcony with a plastic chair. Everything was so coloured cornated and polished. It was perfect.

"Sorry I didn't have time to shop for clothes but we can go shopping tommorw because I have an appointment right now with that boy band that I talked to you about" Her aunt confessed.

"It's okay but if you don't mind, I'd rather go shopping on my own right now" Annabeth said backing down the hallway.

"Alright take the Porshe and drive down Highway 1 untill you see a large outdoor outlet mall"

"Thank you; see you soon" Helen tossed Annabeth the keys to the Porshe and turned around into her modern bedroom.

Annabeth raced out of the house past the gardens and jumped into Helen's Porshe. She zoomed out of the driveway not noticing the black limo parked out front or five boys walking up the side pathway to the backyard.

 Harry's P.O.V.

"Harry's got a crush" Louis sang as the band made our way up the stone pathway to our new manager's mansion.

"Shut up Louis, I do not, she wasn't interested and neither am I" I said angerly at Louis.

"Whatever you say" He replied. 'But as he was saying that I did remember her beautiful eyes. Snap out of it Harry, you don't like her' I thought.


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