A Summer In Paradise: A Harry Styles Love Story {On Hold}

Annabeth is visiting her rich aunt in Florida this summer. She has never met her or nor does she want to. But she may stay when she finds out her aunt's job is managing a band called One Direction. Five cute boys she has never met and never wants to get close to but as the summer goes on Annabeth may realize that she has fallen for one of the famous boys. This story is about finding out who you are, love and most importantly friendship!


10. Finally In Paradise

It had been two weeks since Harry and I had kissed in the rain; if you haven't already guessed we are a couple now. Harry was such a gentleman; he would take me on picnics, swimming trips, bike rides, shopping sprees etc. And I was so happy with everything thing in my life that I almost forgot about being sad at the beginning of the summer. Almost. I knew I would have to go back and face my parents for what caused me to go on this trip.


"...NO DAUGHTER OF MINE IS SMOKING EVER!!!" My dad screamed at me as I came back from a party smelling like smoke.

"Dad it was one time... I just wanted to try.. Everyone else does it too and their parents aren't yelling at them!!" I pleaded with tears sparkling in my eyes.

"I DON'T CARE IF YOU WANT TO TRY SKYDIVING, CLIFFDIVING OR WHATEVER ELSE... YOU ARE NOT TRYING SMOKING!!!!!" He yelled taking a deep breath, turning around and stomped upstairs to his room. My mom wandered in the room with a cup of coffee in her hands as I burst into tears. She sat down at the edge of the couch and stared at me until I stopped.

"Your father and I have decided that it is best for you to visit your Aunt Helen this summer instead of hanging out with your friends. It will give you a chance to realize the damage you have done to yourself and others around you. I know you have never met your Aunt Helen but that is because she lives in Florida. You leave as soon as summer starts. And you will not be aloud to go to party's for awhile. Is that clear?" My mother said calmly but with a lot of force in her words. I stared at her speechless processing what she had just said until it clicked.

"You can't do that to me!!! It's not fair!! She's a rich snob and I already promised that I would never smoke again!! I HATE YOU!!" I yelled at her with tears streaming down my face. I ran to my room and fell on my bed crying. I guess the punishment wasn't so bad it could've been worse but this was the worst my dad had ever yelled at me. I would not go. They couldn't make me.

~Back To The Present Time~

"Annabeth hello back to earth" Harry said while waving his hand in front of my face. "You looked like you were thousands of miles away"

"Oh sorry I was just thinking" I said absentmindly.

"Well were here love"

"Thanks for dropping me off Harry"

"Welcome love see you later" He leaned in for a kiss and I pecked his lips lightly.

"That's all I get?" He pleaded while puppy dogging his face.

"Maybe.. Depends" I say while getting out of the car slowly, smiling. "Bye honey" I call over my shoulder while I walk towards the hair salon.

"Hi honey how are you doing?" An elderly lady asks me when I walk into the salon.

"Good, how are you?"

"Great thank you.. Is that your boyfriend over there?" She asked pointing to Harry who was waving out of his expensive Audi R8 Coupe.

"Yes his name is Harry"

"Well isn't that sweet, you two look very happy together.. are you?"

I looked back to where Harry's car was pulling out of the parking lot and thought about all we had been through so far.

"Yes yes we are" I answered her. We both smiled as she lead me over to a seat so I could wait my turn.

"Well if your happy then that makes me happy. Young love is so adorable these days!" The old lady exclaimed while walking back to the modern front desk.

*Later That Day*

Harry took me home later that day after going to the salon. Repeatly Harry told me I looked beautiful but all I did was go get my hair professionally curled and layered. When we got home the house was empty. Odd. I just realized that Harry was missing too.

"HARRY HARRY" I called out through the house. I walked into the spacious kitchen when suddenly something grabbed my waist. I screamed out loud as I heard breathing by my ear.

"Give me a kiss and I'll let go" Harry whispered.

"Promise?" I asked.

"Promise" He replied . I gave him a quick kiss on the lips but Harry didn't think that was anough so he put more passion into it. I kissed back putting my hands into his hair. He stuck his hands up my shirt rubbing my stomach. We were about to take it one step further when everyone walked in on us. Harry and I jumped apart.

"Ewww guys get a room" Louis complained but he was still smiling at us.

"We will leave you guys to finish off your.. business" Zayn said slowly.

"Were done thank you" Harry said with a frown on his face.

"For now" I added with a smirk. All the guys whistled and punched Harry in the arm while leaving the room.

"Haha good one love but can we go swimming?" Harry asked.

"Sure" I exclaimed racing upstairs to grab my bathing suit. Afterwards I ran down to the beach and stared out at the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. It was pink, red, orange and yellow all mixed together. I felt Harry's arms wrap around my waist and we stared together, swaying side by side.

"It's beautiful" I whispered as the sunset kept lowering down behind the horizon.

"Not compared to you it isn't" Harry stated. I looked up and pecked his cheek. It was the cheesest line I have ever heard but sweet at the same time. I glanced back out towards the waves and saw Harry's and I reflection. I sighed.

"What's wrong honey?" Harry asked concerned.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing" I replied. And as I stared at the sunset I finally thought I was in paradise.




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