A Summer In Paradise: A Harry Styles Love Story {On Hold}

Annabeth is visiting her rich aunt in Florida this summer. She has never met her or nor does she want to. But she may stay when she finds out her aunt's job is managing a band called One Direction. Five cute boys she has never met and never wants to get close to but as the summer goes on Annabeth may realize that she has fallen for one of the famous boys. This story is about finding out who you are, love and most importantly friendship!


2. Annabeth's Rich Aunt In Florida

The big WestJet plane started to descend out of the big fluffy clouds and towards the ground. Annabeth took a peek out of her small window. For as far as she could see were white sandy beaches, beautiful waves, whitecaps and swaying palm trees. Annabeth packed up her carry-on bags, slipped her black flipflops on, reglossed her lips and put on her sunglasses. Beside her Harry rolled over in his sleep, he had been sleeping for over 2 hours and drool was hanging out of his perfectly sculpted lips. The plane got lower and lower. The wheels touched down on the landing way and started zooming towards the palm trees at the end of the track like a rocketship. 'Oh here we go again' Annabeth thought. The plane slowed down then completely stopped; Harry woke up from his deep sleep just as everyone was clapping because of how the pilot did such an amazing job. Everyone got up from their seats and was ushered out of the plane. Annabeth went to the baggage claim and got her 3 red and white polka dot suitcases that came rolling down the converabelt. She rolled her suitcase over to the new renovated bathroom. Annabeth washed her hands and glanced up in the mirror. Annabeth was 5'5" with long snowy white hair, light blue eyes like the ocean and tan skin. She also has both ears pierced and her nose pierced. Her hair always got her noticed one way or another. People would gawk or stare as she passed and she never minded because it made her feel like she was getting attention.

Annabeth went over to the cluster of men and women who were holding signs. There was no sign for her but there was a women behind all of these people talking a million miles per hour. Annabeth walked up to her and tapped her on the back.

"Hold on a second Ruth... Yes it's probably my neice.. Okay... Talk to you later.. Goodbye" Her Aunt Helen hung up and swerved around to face Annabeth.

"Hello hunny" Helen said sweetly. "How was your flight"

"Good, I guess"

"Well since you are probably jetlagged I'll take you to my house and give you a tour then we can have a snack"

"Um.. okay"

Annabeth grabbed the handle of her suitcases and started wheeling them towards the exit. All of the sudden a mob of screaming girls and papperatzi came by yelling "One Direction" countless times. Annabeth had no idea who One Direction was; she was guessing they were some famous Florida entertamit but just as she was exiting the building Annabeth thought she glimpsed some curly, wild, brown hair. 


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