Why Can't It Be You?

Zoe Grenson is now 17, her mother is about to lose the battle with brain cancer and her dad died fighting the war in Afghanistan. Zoe and her 9 month old brother Jack now have to move in with their cousin Niall Horan who is going on tour with his band One Direction. Now going on tour with the boys Zoe's past starts to haunt her, her ex-boyfriend won't stop calling her, and not one but two members of One Direction have fallen in love her. Will Zoe be able to face her past, get rid of her ex, and decide who to love? Only she will be able to decide.


3. Shell Shock

The ride to the hotel was really silent, mostly because I was staring out the window trying not to focus on the reality in front of me. It was slow getting out of the airport considering all of Niall's fans were mobbing the car... As soon as we got to the hotel, it was decided that the boys would go through the front door while Niall, Paul, Jack, and I went through the back door. When we got into the room, I slumped over on the couch and rested my head in my hands.

"Is everything ok Zoe?" Niall sat down next to me and started rubbing my back.

"Yeah everything is just great. The world is putting my reality just the way I want it to." Niall could hear the tone of sarcasm in voice.

"Well our fans are really supportive of everything that we do and everyone we're with, so I'm pretty sure that they will make you feel right at home in no time. Would you like something to eat?" Niall didn't wait for my answer, but automatically ordered a pizza to be delivered to the room as soon as possible.

"Niall, I really appreciate it, but will the boys be okay with having me around? I mean they act like they care, but once they get to know me, will they get annoyed of me? And what about Jack. He'll wake you guys up and you won't-"

"Zoe. Stop. You're going to be fine. Plus we've already had to deal with Lux when she was a baby, so I'm pretty sure we can handle Jack two. And if you want to have some free time, I'm sure Lou will be able to watch Jack." I look up at Niall, a smile forming on my face, I just couldn't help it. I gave him a bear hug.


Niall's POV:

I knew I had said the right thing because Zoe was feeling better already. The boys had snuck into the suite and were playing video games on the TV. There was a knock on the door and I turned not knowing who it was.

"Pizza." Oh yeah, now I remember. I get the pizza and pay the poor lad who was quite dishelved from the fans. I walk back towards the room and open the box. We ate for awhile and Liam decided to start a twitcam.


Zoe's POV:

"Come Zoe you have to be in it." Harry pleaded.

"There is no way, I'm going to be in your twitcam." I crossed my arms and frowned.

"We'll do whatever you want." Liam looked at me with pleading eyes. I thought formed in my head and I smirked. Oh this was going to be good.

"Alright, on one condition though."


The twitcam started and the boys were messing around making me laugh and the fans tweets came in a mile a minute.

"We have a special guest for you today, Niall's cousin, Zoe has tagged along with us for the tour and she is going to join this twitcam." Zayn looked into the camera then held his hand out to usher me onto the screen. I smiled and waved.

"Hello everyone I'm going to do something special for y'all. First I'm going to blindfold all of them." I blindfolded all of the boys and walked out of the room, grabbed my makeup bag and walked back in. I opened it and showed the waiting fans, I winked at them and sat in front of Zayn. I gave him royal blue eye shadow, fake, black eyelashes, green eyeliner, bright pink lipstick, and orange blush all over his cheek. I scooted in front of Harry and began all over again. On him, I put red eye shadow, black eyeliner, red mascara, black lipstick, and flaming red blush. I peeked at the comments and noticed that one of them said to make Louis look Goth, so I scooted over again. Louis got a dark silver eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, black lipstick, and black blush. Settling in front of Liam. I smiled in even wider and almost burst out laughing at my idea. I put multiple colors of eye shadow on him, brown mascara, purple mascara, and I smeared his face with green lipstick. I look back at the screen and see fans commenting for Niall's to look nice, so being his awesome cousin, I gave him a good makeover. Brown eye shadow, black mascara, no eye liner, and skin colored blush, with the ultimate lip gloss shine on his lips.

"Alright who would like to see their beautiful faces?" Every fan was screaming 'YES!!!!' on the comments. I brought each boy up to the screen for a close up and sat them down in front of the screen for the big reveal. "Now boys, on the count of three, you will open your eyes and see your surprise. 1, 2..." After a minute of anticipation, then... "3!" The boys flung their eyes open.

"Oh my..." Liam stared at his face and the other boys. Each boy give off the same reaction... Shell Shock.








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