Why Can't It Be You?

Zoe Grenson is now 17, her mother is about to lose the battle with brain cancer and her dad died fighting the war in Afghanistan. Zoe and her 9 month old brother Jack now have to move in with their cousin Niall Horan who is going on tour with his band One Direction. Now going on tour with the boys Zoe's past starts to haunt her, her ex-boyfriend won't stop calling her, and not one but two members of One Direction have fallen in love her. Will Zoe be able to face her past, get rid of her ex, and decide who to love? Only she will be able to decide.


7. Frustrated

Zayn's POV:

It was a little weird on the car ride over to the mall. I didn't know why Louis was acting the same way I was, and I had to talk to him about. When we dispersed out to the stores, I followed Louis to H & M, once we got there, the store had to close so we could shop in private. Once we were in the dressing rooms, I decided to talk to him.

"So, Louis find anything interesting."

"Why do you ask?"

"Well I was just wondering."

"Oh." There was an awkward moment and I decided to bring up Zoe.

"So, what do you think of Zoe?" I heard a hanger fall on the seat, then on to the floor. Ha I got him now.

"Well, she's quite like Niall and pretty." Bingo.

"So you like her then?"

"As a friend for now."

"What do you mean for now?"

"I mean that I kinda, sorta, asked her out last night." My mouth dropped open, two emotions passed crossed me at the same time. Stunned and competition.


Louis' POV:

When I told Zayn that I asked out Zoe, everything fell silent, then I remembered that Zayn had gone into Zoe's room two.

"So, um, why did you go into Zoe's room last night?" I heard Zayn take a big breath and I prepared for the worse.

"I asked out Zoe two."

"What did she say?"

"She said that she would think about it and remain friends until then." I shook my head then changed back into my clothes. I can not believe this is happening. I avoided Zayn as soon as we left the store and nobody could tell that I was fumed.


Zoe's POV:

With 5 bags held in each hand, 6 bags in each of Harry's hands, and a new iPhone in my purse, we head back to the car.

"Thanks again for helping me with shopping."

"No problem, you're really funny when trying on new clothes and your poses were hilarious." I smiled as my face was still cooling down from laughing so hard. It was really easy having Harry see me as a little sister instead of a crush. I could talk to him better two.

"Harry, what about Niall?"

"You're going to have to tell him." I bit my lip, then blew out a puff of air.

"I know, but what if he gets really mad at them? He's really protective."

"Just tell him not to get mad and make him promise, he never breaks a promise."


We got in the car and Niall, Harry, and I sat in the back. These guys I could stand including Liam. Zayn and Louis looked really pissed, I don't know what got into them, oh wait...



After playing with Jack for awhile and watching Cars together, he fell asleep, and I put him the make shift crib. I grabbed my iPhone which already had all of the boys, Lou, and Paul's numbers in them, and text Niall to come over. Two minutes later, I hear a knock on the door and I walk over. After letting him in, he goes straight to the mini bar and grabs two Cokes. He hands to me, then plants himself on the sofa, making himself comfortable. I laugh.

"Nice and comfortable I see." We burst out laughing, then sit in the arm chair.

"So why did you text me to come over?"

"What, can I not chat with my cousin?" I gives me the look and I know that I have to spill.

"You have to promise not to get mad at all. And no giving lectures either." Niall seemed to consider for a moment, then decided yes.

"Alright, I promise."

"Good." Alright here it goes, it's now or never. "Last night, Louis came by and told me that he's in love with me, then he asked me out. Then Zayn came by later and did the exact same thing. I told them both I would think about it and that we should stay friends for now. I don't know what to do." I look at Niall and his face was expressionless, except his eyes, his eyes were wide with shock.


Niall's POV:

When Zoe told me what happened, I was pissed at them for falling in love with my cousin and for not telling me about it. After a few deep breaths, I take a sip of my coke, then look back at Zoe.

"It's not my opinion on who you choose, but know that you will need to explain to the one you don't choose, that he was not the one, and let him down easy. Now if you, could please let me call them over?"


Two minutes later Louis and Zayn were sitting in the single armchairs and I was sitting on the opposite end of the couch.

"Is there something you forgot to tell me?" Zayn looked at the ceiling and Louis pretended to examine the magazines on the table. "Ahem." Niall looked at them expectantly.

"Alright, we both asked out Zoe, why is that a problem to you? You don't even have the same last name." Zayn was staring at Niall. Louis looked up, at Niall's expression, he stopped pretending.

"I don't know why we didn't tell you." Louis looked ashamed.

"For one thing Zayn, she is my cousin and was sent to live with me, and two you both should be very ashamed of yourselves for not coming to me." Nobody noticed that Zoe had left.

"Zoe, where'd you go?" Louis looked around the room as soon as he noticed that Zoe had left.


Zoe's POV:

I left as soon as Niall mentioned that I was sent to live with him. I was having such a good time, that I had almost forgotten that my mom had died and that I didn't even get to say goodbye or give her a proper funeral. I heard a knock on my door.

"Please, just leave." My voice was choked up and I heard Niall say something to the boys and they all left. I was so frustrated about everything going on my life, and now this new boys are in love with me thing doesn't help either. I mean I don't even know who to choose and how am I supposed to let the other down easy?  My phone started buzzing, I grabbed it out of my purse and checked the caller id, it was a blocked number so I answered it.


"Hey babe, it's me, Nick. Where've you gone? I miss you?"

"How'd you get my number?! I thought you were in jail!" I was frantic and quite frankly, scared out of my wits.

"They left me off with a warning, now why don't you come look at your window." I took small steps over to the window. I pulled back the curtains, and there was Nick, smiling his sly smile and waving at me. I pulled back the curtains, breathing heavily.

"How do you know where I'm at!"

"I followed you."

"Leave me alone Nick!" I press end and turn off my phone then throw it on my purse, scared to look at it. I curl up on the bed and start crying.







Author's Note:

Hey guys, I'm really glad you're liking my movella, but I'd like more interaction with you. So if you guys have any ideas or you want something to happen, just comment. I also decided I won't update until I get at least 3 comments on this chapter. I will reveal who Zoe chooses in the next chapter and what happens to Nick, so if you have a preference to who Zoe chooses, leave it in the comments, and whoever gets the most votes wins. Love you! -C

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