Why Can't It Be You?

Zoe Grenson is now 17, her mother is about to lose the battle with brain cancer and her dad died fighting the war in Afghanistan. Zoe and her 9 month old brother Jack now have to move in with their cousin Niall Horan who is going on tour with his band One Direction. Now going on tour with the boys Zoe's past starts to haunt her, her ex-boyfriend won't stop calling her, and not one but two members of One Direction have fallen in love her. Will Zoe be able to face her past, get rid of her ex, and decide who to love? Only she will be able to decide.


8. Decision

Zoe's POV:

I awake to the sound of fans screaming out the bed. Stretching, I fall off my bed and hit my head on the floor.

"Ow." I rub the back of my head and get up, way too fast though, my eyes black out for a few seconds and I sway. I really hope last night didn't happen, yet reality never takes your hopes into consideration, so I didn't put my hopes up. I grab my phone and after it turned on, there were 20 missed calls on it. Each one was from. Nick. Oh yay. I delete all of them and start listening to the voicemails as I walk to the kitchen. After the first three, I deleted the rest, and started a pot of coffee. As the coffee was brewing, I walk to the door and see a note on the floor. It's probably from Zayn or Louis, begging me to choose them. I laugh at my thought, God they must be desperate. The coffee dinged, so I poured a cup, walk over to the couch, settle in, and open the note.



Dear Zoe,

I loved seeing you last night. It was nice. Oh and seeing you frightened, definitely turns me on. ;) Anyway I want you to know that whatever happens, I'll always be there... for you. I also want you to know that we will be together in the end, I will make sure of it.

Love, Nick

p.s. I'm always watching



My hand shook as I set down my cup of coffee. I read the note over 10 times, letting my mouth fall open father with each read, it seemed that my chin could touch the floor. How can this be happening? How does he know where my room is? Should I tell Niall? No, definitely not, he would freak. I'll just keep this to myself. 


After lugging my stuff onto the tour bus, I settle down on my bunk and pull back the curtains. My phone vibrated and I pull it off the shelf.


From: Niall

Hey we will be leaving for Ireland in a few minutes. Zayn and Louis are getting pretty anxious about this... So yeah.


To: Niall

Tell them to chill and also tell them that I will pick when we stop at a gas station. Love ya.


I shake my head and grab my new copy of My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Jack played with my feet at the end of my bunk and by the time we were three miles into our journey, he had crawled onto my stomach as I read.



Zayn's POV:

I was getting really nervous and started pacing around the bus, when we went over a bump, I fell.

"Man, you really need to pull yourself together."

"Sorry, I'm really nervous."

"I can tell." Liam's tone was sarcastic and I made a face. Liam put his hands up in defense.

"I just hope that this doesn't come between Louis and I."

"I hope it doesn't either."


Louis' POV:

My hands were shaking from the nerves, I've never been this nervous, not even on the X Factor. We pulled into the gas station and I nearly ran into the door on the way out of the bus. I watched as Zoe walked into the store. 10 minutes later she walked back out and motioned for Zayn and I to follow her. We walked to a green space with trees surrounding it on three sides. Zayn looked equally as nervous as I was.

"I guess you both would like to know who I want to date. So I guess I'll just cut to the chase." We were staring at Zoe that we didn't even noticed the man come up behind Zoe.


Zoe's POV:

They both looked really nervous and I could see that they were preparing for the worst.

"I guess you both would like to know who I want to date. So I guess I'll cut to the chase." I took a deep breath and looked them both in the eyes.

"I choose..." A hand went around my mouth and the body pulled me over them and started running. I looked up to see Zayn and Louis standing there processing what just happened. I roll my eyes. My heroes.

"HELP!!!!!!" I scream with all my might, but the guy punches my leg and I yelp in pain. The boys run as fast as they can, but this guys faster and has more distance. We went through the trees and burst into a deserted parking lot. The guy throws me in the trunk and runs around to the front, revs the car, and takes off. I get up on my knees and see Zayn and Louis as we leave the lot. I see a rag on the floor and take it to wipe my face, but end up passing out.


I wake up on a mattress in a cold room.

"You're finally up." The voice is distorted. Most likely the guy is using a machine. He turns on the light. I look up and see the guy is wearing destroyed jeans, a leather jacket, a black ski mask, and was quite muscular.

"Who. Are. You?" Each word came out shaky and quite frankly I was afraid. The guy laughed and smiled.

"I bet you would like to know." He didn't use the distortion this time and his voice was vaguely familiar, but I just couldn't place it. He slowly pulled off his mask, laughing. I gasped and scoot back as far as I could.

"I told you I would get you no mater what."

"Nick." My voice was a whisper. He laughs and walks towards me.




Hey guys thank you for all of your comments on the last chapter! If this chapter gets 6 comments, I'll post a new one also if you guys could read my other fanfic The Life of a Surprise, that would be amazing! I love you! -C

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