Why Can't It Be You?

Zoe Grenson is now 17, her mother is about to lose the battle with brain cancer and her dad died fighting the war in Afghanistan. Zoe and her 9 month old brother Jack now have to move in with their cousin Niall Horan who is going on tour with his band One Direction. Now going on tour with the boys Zoe's past starts to haunt her, her ex-boyfriend won't stop calling her, and not one but two members of One Direction have fallen in love her. Will Zoe be able to face her past, get rid of her ex, and decide who to love? Only she will be able to decide.


1. The Big Move

I was sitting on my hammock in my green bedroom. My bed wasn't made, clothes strewn out on the floor, English essay that's due tomorrow and isn't finnished all over my desk. Where am I? On my hammock reading The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks.

The sun shines through my open window and the breeze rustled some papers, but coincedentaly the sun landed on the picture of me and my dad Brian. The picture was right in the middle of my cork board and was taken three summers ago when we were outside of my family's brick house right on Brokview Drive. My dad was in his army uniform and 14-year old me was standing next to him in Miss Me Shorts, my neon green 2009 8th Grade Volleyball shirt, my hair down to my shoulders, Hollister flip-flops on my feet, and my dad's hat on my head.

It was the last time I saw him. He died in November, well as I say it brutally mudered by the army in Afghanistan. My dad had said to me, if I die I will always be there with you, even if you can't see me, I'll always be right there. I had recieved his purple heart and when I got it and brought it home, I carefully set the box down on my nightstand.

Now my mom is in the hospital losing her battle with brain cancer. She received the news about brain cancer a month ago, it was to late to save her. A tear streaks down my face as I realize that me and my 9-month old brother will have no parents.

"She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers-" I slide off my hammock and put my book on the end of my bed, I walk over to my nightstand where I last put my Galaxy S II, but it wasn't there.

"Crap where'd you go phone?" I look around the room panicing, throwing everything to the side. Wait didn't it sound faint? Oh yeah I left it in Jack's room. I think smiling. Opening my door I find that there's boxes still needing to be packed that I have to do. Our family portrait well sort of one, there's one of me, mom, and dad, then right next to it is a picture of mom, Jack, and I.

As I slowly open the door to Jack's room hoping that he wouldn't wake up, but of course the door creaked, autimatically waking him up.

"Wahhhhhhh!" Jack yelled starting to cry. I quickly walk over, pick him and quiet him while picking up my phone, which was about to go to voicemail.

"Hello?" I answer breathless, I held the phone on my shoulder pressing my ear to it, while wiping Jacks nose with a tissue.

"Hey Zoe." A very familiar, yet tired sounding voice answered back. It was my mom.

"Hey mom how are you." I re-postioned Jack from my waist to the front so i can actually hold my phone.

"Ok my doctor thinks I might be getting better actually."

"Oh Mom that's great! I would love to see you back home, it's hard having to take care of Jack, school, and chores."

"Yes about that, I'm asking for a nanny to come and look after Jack while your home so you can focus on your school work."

"Mom you really don't have to do that-"

"Sweety, I have to your home-room teacher called me yesterday, she said you are slacking off in school and that you have two classes with F minuses! I need you to focus on school, right now, not me." I start to protest, but she hangs up. I slide my phone into my back pocket and look over at Jack.

"Why can't I just drop out of school? Ugh, come on Jack lets go have dinner."  I bring Jack to the dinner table, put him in his high chair and walk over to the fridge.

"Alright what shall we have today Jack? Pee's? Oh God no, hmm how about carrots? You like carrots right?" I look over at Jack and he's shaking his head yes. I open the baby can of carrots and bring it over to the table. I start to feed Jack and after his sixth spoonful, he started to look a little green.

"I ont feel goo." Jack said looking at me with those deep grey eyes.

"Oh no not again!" I go for Jack to get him out of his high-chair, but it was too late. He had already threw-up on me. "Eew gross Jack! Look what you've done! You make my life so complicated." I throw my hands up in the air and walk to the bathroom taking off my nice green polo, revealing my favorite black bra with lace straps. The water runs over the stain, but it won't come out, so I throw it in the washer.

I plop on the chair infront of Jack and look him straight in the eyes.

"Are you going to do that again? Cause we were going to see Mommy later tonight." I say in my best baby voice.

"Oh uh huh." Jack shakes his head. I pick him and bring him to his room. After changing his diaper, putting him in a plaid shirt, jeans, and little tennis shoes, I set him down on the floor so he can play with his toys while I change.

I pull on my cargo green short-shorts and a yellow t-shirt that doesn't show me off and a grey sweatshirt that falls down to my hips. Standing in front my mirror, I pull my long blond hair into a ponytail. My hair hadn't grown in the past two years so I begged my mom for extensions and she let me have them, now my hair is down to my bum. My blue eyes twinkled in the light of my 7-year old light bulb. All of a sudden my butt vibrated, I pull out my phone and check the newest text.

From: Nick

Hey hot stuff how 'bout me you tonight, we can make-up over wine and beer, what do ya say? Text me! Miss you sooooooo much! ;)

To: Nick

Sorry, but I'm under age you're not. And I don't want to see you at all. Plus I'm going to see my mom at the hospital.

He automatically responded.

From: Nick

Oh ok :)

Ok now I'm worried. With his last text runnning through my head, I pull on my brown converses, grab my purse, and Jack, lock the door and go to my car.

"Alrighty, now I have to buckle you, so stop squirming Jackey." I say trying to buckle Jack into his car seat. I finally have victory, climb into the front seat and back out of the driveway.


Pulling into the parking lot of the hospital my phone buzzes for the fifth time. Finding a parking space and putting the car in park I pull out my phone.

6 Missed Calls

2 New Voicemails

10 New Text Messages

All were from Nick, I deleted everything except for the last text.

From Nick:

Alright, I'm done trying to reach you by calling and texting good-bye for now.

I shake my head grab my purse and Jack, lock the car, and walk into the hospital. Jack fell asleep on my shoulder so when we got to Mom's hospital room I put my finger to my lips and pointed to Jack, she nodded her head and I set him down on a chair.

"How are things at home?" Mom asks as I hug her.

"Hey could be better." I walk over to the curtains and pull them back-and-forth.

"What is it sweety?" I turn around and choke up with tears wishing I wasn't in a public place sitting on a chair I face my mom and just let it out.

"It's hard taking care of Jack, the chores, my schoolwork, and trying to deal with Nick. He has non-stop texted me trying to get back together with me since we broke up a month ago." I take a deep breath and look at my mom.

"You know the Nanny is going to come tomorrow, you don't have to clean the house and make it spotless. But Nick is a different story, he doesn't understand you've moved on. You just need to show that you've moved on.

"Ya but-" My phone starts to vibrate, so I pull it out of my pocket. "Hello?" I hear cars rushing by and the sounds of rush hour traffic on the other end, then a crackle and a respond that stops my heart for a second.

"Hey Zoe." Nick says in his seductive voice.

"Nick. Why are you calling me?" I whisper as I go to the other end of the room.

"Well one I still miss you and two look out your window." I walk over to the window and drop my phone. A figure is waving up at the window.

"What are you doing here?" I shriek.

"Well come down and I'll tell you." He hangs up, I do a quick 180, put my phone in my back pocket, and face my mom.

"I need to use the restroom and then I will talk to the doctor about you." I whisk out of the room without my purse and take the elevator, which in my opinion is now slower then ever. As soon as the doors open to the lobby I walk out and out the front doors of the hospital. The cool air hits me quickly and I shiver, and walk towards Nick with my arms folded.

"Well, well it's my sexy lady." He said hugging me.

"Ex sexy lady" I murmer. "Get off me."

"Why can't we hug?" I shake me head at his stupid pouting face. I can't believe I fell in love with him, he was 20 and I was 15 when we started dating, he let me have beer and wine, oh and his face is shapped like a big round butt. Without saying anything he walks behind me and starts feeling me up, then slaps me on the bum.

"Hey watch it!" I say backing away and putting my sleeve to cover my mouth. Now I remember why we broke up, it was because we had a very abusive relationship that I've delt with for almost two full years.

He runs at me, picks me up, and throws me over his shoulder.

"Alright sexy you are coming with me." I fight him, but it's no use because he was so strong.

"HELP!" I scream. He tries to cover my mouth as I keep screaming and a doctor steps out the doors and sees me, he starts running. Which made Nick run, when he thought we were out of sight, he pushed me up against a wall and slapped me and punched me.

"You bitch! This is supposed to be for us!" He starts to yell really hard, he feels for my phone, grabs it out of my back pocket and holds it up to my face. "And as for this, you are not aloud to communicate with anyone else, but me." He throws it at a wall further down and my phone breaks into a million pieces. He punches me one more time, then drops me on the ground. I couldn't do anything so I go into the fetal position. When the doctor comes, Nick kicks me in the gut and runs away, not knowing the doctor was there.

I cryed so hard and just stayed there while the doctor knocked out Nick.

"Are you ok?" A voice says. I look up at him, my face red and blotchy.

"I could be better, thanks." He helps me up and looks at me. I was pretty sure I had hand marks from when Nick slapped me and a black eye. He touches my swollen eye, I wince and as he looks into my eyes. 

"Don't worry, I'm just trying to acess the damage. Why don't we go inside." He starts leading me back to the hospital, but stops. "Do you have a cellphone that you can call someone with?"

"Well I used to, but that bitch threw it against the wall." I motion to Nick who was being pushed into a police car.

"Oh ok let's go." He lead me inside. I sat on a chair in the lobby and he went and grabbed some gloves. He touches my black eye then acesses the rest of my face then took off his gloves.

"How bad is it?" I ask

"Don't worry it's not serious. All you need is some ice and it will be good in about two to three days." He smiles and had a nurse give me some ice.

"Were you visiting someone sweety?" A nurse asked as she handed me the ice.

I put the ice to my face and nod my head. "Yeah my mom, she's up in room 443." The nurse escorts me to my moms level and lets me go. I slowly walk down the hall and stop before the door, I peer in and see my mom cradling Jack in her arms, tears falling down her face.

"Baby this is going to be the last time you see Mommy, the doctor just came in and said I'm doing worse. And I feel like my body is slowly shutting down. Now I know you don't understand me, but I will always remember you." Mom says stifling a cry and putting a necklace around Jacks neck. I couldn't take it anymore so I walk in. My mom gasps at my eye.

"Don't worry Nick is now on his way to the police station." The doctor comes in then.

"Hi Doctor Bascy. Could you find a nurse to take Jack for a minute, so Zoe, you, and I can talk?" Mom asks, Doctor Bascy motions for a nurse to come, immediately a nurse comes and takes Jack away.

"Alright why don't you take a seat Zoe? Good alright, I have some bad news. Your mom isn't getting better anymore. In fact she's getting worse." I cover my mouth with my hands which were covered by my sweatshirt. Tears start falling down my face. My mom leans forward and rubs my back.

"I think you should go home now sweety." I stand up, grab my purse and brothers blanket and walk out of the room.


Back at home with my brother in bed, I climb out the window and sit on the roof.

"God if you're listening right now, I could really use a miracle. My mom is getting worse and I need her to get better, please, please, please, get rid of my mom's cancer!" I choked out the last words and start crying my eyes out. Five minutes  go past, I go back into my room, not bothering to change, I slide my shoes off and go to bed.


I wake up at 8 am to the house phone ringing. I jump out of bed pull on my slippers, race down the stairs slip on a few and get to the phone just in time.

"Hello is this Zoe Grenson?" A voice asks.

"Yes and who is this."

"I'm a nurse at Glenwood Hospital, it's about your mom." I start shaking uncontrollably.

"How is she?" I barely choke out the words.

"Sweety, I'm so sorry, but your mom died about an hour ago." I can't help it, I drop the phone and fall to the ground and start crying. "Hello, Zoe? Zoe pick up the phone."


"Your mom said when she died that you are going to move in with your cousin now do you need anyone to come over and help you pack?"

"No I'm fine."

"Ok there will be a child services agent coming over in ten minutes. The agent will help you get ready and bring you to the airport."

"Ok thank you good-bye." I hang and slump to the floor. After awhile I look up to the sky and let it out. "Why I asked you to make my mom better and get rid of the cancer so she can come home, not take her home to you!" I stomp upstairs to my room and check my clock. Oh crap I'm missing school! I race back downstairs and call my school. They pick up after the first ring.

"It's ok Zoe, we know you won't be coming today just have someone drop off your textbooks sometime." The receptionest hung up so I put the phone back on the hook.The doorbell ringed I walked over and opened the door. A man in a black suit and sunglasses stepped inside.

"Zoe, Right?" I nod my head "My name is Mr. Ture." Mr. Ture sticks out his hand, so I shake it. "You are aloud to bring a suitcase and and a small duffle bag, the duffle bag will have fragels in it now go and pack." He pointed up the stairs and I run up the stairs, but pause at the top.

"Am I aloud to bring a backpack?" I shout down to Mr. Ture. I heard him grumble so I took it as a yes. I enter my room and look around. My life is ending now there's nothing I can do, but startover. I open my armoire drawer and grab some clothes, and throw them in my suitcase along with three different colored beanies. Next I grab my snowglobe from Italy, put it back in its box, the purple heart my Dad got, my picture album, and some other things and place them carefully in the duffle bag. I grab my backpack, empty out the contents from school, place The Last Song, my iPod Nano and earbuds, my stuffed teddy bear George and stuffed animal puppy Sparkles, my art notebook, pencils and erasers, and some gum in the backpack.

I sling the it over my shoulders, put the duffel bag in one hand, and the suitcase in the other and walk down the stairs. "I'm ready Mr. Ture." He looks up from his seat and points at me, I look down and see I'm still in my pajama's, I run upstairs to my room embarresed. I put on Hollister super skinny destroyed dark wash jeans, a blue county line top from Hollister, and red toms. I walk over to my vanity and put my hair in a thick side fishtail braid with some hair hanging down in front. I walk over to my bed and take my red beanie off the post and place it on the back of my head. Standing in front of my corkboard, I gentally take the push pin out of the picture of me and my dad, kiss it, then place it in my brown, over-the-shoulder purse and walk downstairs.

Mr. Ture was downstairs with some clothes in a small suitcase for Jack, so I walk back upstairs into Jack's room.

"Oe." Jack exclaims seeing my face, he stands up in his crib and jumps up and down with the support of the side.

"Hey cutie-pie!" I walk over and grab him out of the crib and set him down on the floor. He was still in his dinosaur pajama's so I put him in a new diaper, a light green Army baby t-shirt, overalls, and white converses for babies. Jack holds out his arms to me, so I pick him up, grab his blue blanket and build-a-bear monkey, and go downstairs.

"Is there a car seat I could put in my car for Jack?" Mr. Ture asks as soon as he sees me.

"Uh yeah, in my car, the keys are on the counter." I gesture to the counter in the kitchen.

"Ok I'll go get the car seat, the trunk is open, so go ahead and put the luggage in there." Mr. Ture said as he was walking out the door. I set Jack down on the couch and start packing the car. Once I was done I quickly ran upstairs and got my six textbooks and set them on the porch. Mr. Ture came back in and motioned for me to sit across from him in the living room.

"So what's going to happen to us?" I ask gesturing to Jack and myself.

"Well, the plan is that you move in with your cousin Niall Horan. Then we'll see how thats going and if it's a suitable living place for you and Jack you will stay."

"And if it's not?"

"Then we will put you both up for adoption." I gasp looking from Mr. Ture to Jack and back to Mr. Ture.

"Really?" Mr. Ture nods his heads and I look down disappointed. He hands me a simple Samsung flip phone.

"The phone is for to contact your cousin when you're going to England and to call us if anything bad happens on the way there. Understood?" I nod my head. He motions for me to get up so we can go.

"Wait can I call the school and have them come by the house to pick up the textbooks?" I ask. Mr. Ture nods his head.

"I'll be in the car." He leaves and I walk over to the house phone.

After three rings the recpitionest picks up.


"Hi this is Zoe."

"Oh hi Zoe."

"Um, my textbooks are on the porch, behind the bench, so if you could have somebody come by and pick them up, that would be great."

"Alright will do, have a nice day." The receptionest quickly hangs up. I hang the phone back on the hook, grab my purse, put Jack's blanket in a small backpack, I put the backpack on Jack, and pick him up. 

"E leaing ow?" Jack asks cuddling his monkey.

"Yes we are." I walk onto the porch, lock the door, and walk to the car. "Alright lets get you buckled." I say to Jack tossing his backback onto the other seat in the black, Chevy Suburban, and buckle him into his car seat. I climb into the passenger seat and shut the door. Mr. Ture backs out of the driveway and drives down the road. I look back and see the house I've grown up in since I was a baby getting further away from me, as soon as it's out of sight I turn around, slump down in my chair and stare out the window, the memories from my past flooding back to me, and my eyes fill with tears.


We pull into a parking spot at the airport, I hop out putting my purse on, sling my backpack over my shoulders, and walk to the other side getting Jack out, putting his backpack on him. Mr. Ture grabs my duffle bag, Jack's suitcase, and my suitcase. I grab Jack's diaper bag out of the trunk, close it, and walk over to Mr. Ture. We silently walk over to the airport and push through the doors.

The airport was bustling with people, businessmen, vactioners, and people visiting relatives moving back and forth. I reposition Jack onto my hip and he quickly falls asleep, I follow Mr. Ture to the American Airlines check-in line and wait. When we get to the front and lady with her brown hair in a bun a black blazer and white shirt greeted us.

"Hello how may I help you?"

"We need to check in for their flight." Mr. Ture gestures to me and Jack.

"Alright ticket for the young lady?" Mr. Ture hands over the ticker, she scans it then looks back up. "Two forms of I.D. and passport?" Mr. Ture hands her my passport, school I.D., and Military I.D., he looks at me and smiles.

"Are you ok? You look scared." I make a weird face at him. "Sorry, just trying to make conversation." Someone snikers behind us, I turn around, not seeing anyone staring so I turn back. I glance at Jack, he was sucking his thumb, his head positioned so he was looking at me, monkey under his arm, and asleep. I smile and look back at the check-in lady.

"Put the luggage up here." Mr. Ture places my suitcase on the weight, the suitcase was good so she put an American Airlines baggage tag on it, then Mr. Ture put my duffle bag on, the bag was ok two, so the she did the same. We went through the process again, but for Jack, and then we weighed the luggage. "Alright take your bags over to that secruity check over there." The lady gestured to secruity check by the bathrooms. We walked over to the secruity, watched the luggage go through, when the secruity let us go, we walked over to the escalators and stopped.

"Well this is where I let you go."

"Jack wake up so you can say bye to Mr. Ture." I whisper to Jack, he stirs, wakes up, rubs his eyes, and waved to Mr. Ture.

"Ye, ye M ure." Jack yawned. Mr. Ture handed me the I.D.'s and passports, so I placed them in my purse.

"Be careful and don't get in trouble."

"I won't I promise." He smiles at me and for the first time, Mr. Ture breaks all seriousness.

"Call me when you land at your connecting airport and when you arrive there ok?" I nod my head and pat my purse, showing him that I will. He walked us over to the escalator and watched us go up.

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