My Horse

this is about how i found my horse Golden Champion. he was a wild horse and then i trained him up and then i am winning loads of comps now


4. The Event

We arrived at the Event at 8:30 am so I only had 1 hour 30 mins to get Rusty ready.I was riding Rusty first then Rose then Champ.I was feeling exited and nervous at the same time.I knew Rose would give it her best because I had raised her and she believed in me and I believed in her. I also knew Champ would give it her all because of our friendship and I dont doubt Rusty but it's just he is really old now he is 25 and that is ANCIENT in horse years!And i dont want him to get hurt. I know it is very rare for a horse to get hurt in Show Jumping but I was still worried.Anyway i was riding second my number was 465 and i was on Rusty first and i was on at 10:04 and it was 9:42 and i hadn't even unloaded any one of my horses yet!20 mins later i had grooomed tacked up and warmed up Rusty and in 4 mins we were supposed to be in the arena.The first person had just been called and he was just over the first fence and oH! the horse stumbled and the rider came off! i hope Rusty did not fall.....then I heard the commentator speak through the tannoy: can we have number 465 in the show  jumping arena please? That was me! I pushed rusty in to a trot and then the bell rung and......Over the first fence of 8! .......Over the second and the third! Now doing a turn....One two...three and over! i was on my way to the 5th jump now and it bwas a triple to end......over....Over....OVER AND DONE! we trotted out of the arena smiling! a clear round and no time falts!The rest of the day went really good aswell! i went clear in the cross country and only two time falts and only 45.7 marks in dressage! i was driving home when i had a text from the judges saying i had come second! i didnt expect to come second in my first event with such green horses(except for rusty)!

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