My Horse

this is about how i found my horse Golden Champion. he was a wild horse and then i trained him up and then i am winning loads of comps now


2. Breaking In

The next day i took Champ out into the field.It was sunny and I was feeling great to start training.I had left Rusty in his stable so we were alone. I put a halter on her and put a lunge rope on her.I lunged her round the field and then I called  her back in and tied her up.I went to get one of my saddles and put it on her.She kicked up a bit of a fuss but then she calmed down. I lunged her again with the saddle on and she was fine. it was 11:30 am by then so i went in and had lunch. i had made lunch then gone back out to stay with Champ. I let her have some of my salad.She actually eat out of my hand! She never done that before! i finished my food and then i got back to work with her.I adjusted her saddle and slipped a bridle over her head.Maybe she was a driven horse because she just stood there while i put her bridle on but kicked up a fuss when i put a saddle on her.As I lunged her round i saw she was really fat.Not in a mean way, I was concerned.I put her back and by then it was 3:45 pm so i turned Rusty out and they seemed to be getting on so i turned champ out to.By then it was 4:05 and i was hungry so i had a sandwich and i watched TV Till nine then i went to bed and slept for a while.When I woke up it was 6 am.I decided I should wake up and went down to feed the horses and bring them in. The Day went past in a blur.My mum had sent me a letter from Carl's house the lettter said:-

Dear Issie

Everythings great down here and Carl is great i dont know how to break this to you.... i am staying here.

From, Mum.

Yep.My name is Isadora but my friends call me Issie.And my mum has a really nice boyfriend called Carl.And she just said she was staying!Wait a second......Was that a foal?Yeah it was! A foal just shot past my window! How? Why? I went out to the field and there he was! Standing next to Champ! The only explanation is that she was in foal when i got her. Well this made life alot harder! The next day i fed all of the horses including the foal and put them all out to graze.

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