My Horse

this is about how i found my horse Golden Champion. he was a wild horse and then i trained him up and then i am winning loads of comps now


1. Golden Champion

When I walk home I normally walk home through the town but today was different.I had just joined a new pony club and i wanted to see what the hacking grounds were like.So, i had studied the map and found a route that led to my back garden wall.As i went through the gate i heard a whinny.just a small,faint whinny but it was surely a horse whinny. As i went through the forest again i saw a bit of rope and a halter.Horse. I was sure of it now.And what ever type of horse i was i new one thing. It was stressed.Suddenly i felt like i was being watched.I turned around.There it was.I could make out four white socks and a stripe.I think it could have been a Palomino or maybe a light chestnut.It must have been trained because when i picked up the halter it came towards me.It was a really ginger step and you could see that it was scared.But it came right up to me and put its nose in the halter.I slipped her head in to the halter then led her slowly to my house.I had a stable built in my field which was attached to my back garden.there was a gate between the garden and the field.I tied her up to the gate. I started brushing her over and she was a bit nervous but she let me brush her.I was sure now.She was a Palomino.I saw she had a stripe and a snip.I already had a chestnut horse called Rusty and i did not know how she would react to him.After all, she had been alone when i found her.So, instead of putting her in the field I put her in one of my 2 stables.Just to get her used to Rusty, I went out to the field and caught Rusty and put him in the stable next to the Palomino.She needed a name.Goldie?Nah.Rain? Nah.Oh I know! Golden Champion! her nickname can be Champ.I settled them in and went back to the house.My mum was working late tonight so i watched TV until i was tired and then i went to bed at 10.

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