New Records

When Emily, Maycie, Kenzie, Shayla & Hannah loose there record deal in the UK they go to Simon Cowel for a new one. What they didn't know was they when they were at the pool at their hotel that they would meet some special people.


3. The Text


"Okay! I can't believe you just scored a date with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles!!!" Kenzie says.

"Yeah so hes just another teenage guy. Yes he's famous, but we are too. I want to know him for him and not Harry Styles from One Direction," Emily said, "Now guys. Help me find something to wear." She empties the contence of her suitcase onto the bed. They throw the bras and underwear back in the suitcase.

"How about this?" Shayla says holding up a pair of jean shorts slightly distressed, a black flowy see-through tee-shirt  with a cherry on it.

"Ooo. Add a green tank and a silver drop necklace," Kenzie adds.

"And wear you red Converse and you have the perfect outfit!" Brittany says, "And it's not to fancy."

"Okay. Okay. Okay. Thanks for helping me but now I don't think I need you guys to do my make-up. I can do that part by myself. You guys would go overboard with it!" Emily says.

"What are you going to do with your hair?!" Sierra exclaims.

"I'll just leave it down. Straighten it a little maybe then French braid one little braid at the front," Emily says.

"Ooo. Let me help?! Please?" Sierra says adding puppy dog eyes.

"Oh okay you do the braid. I'll straighten my hair. I just know you'll burn me again!" Emily says.

"I said sorry!" Sierra says. Kenzie, Brittany & Shayla just sit there laughing at them. They didn't notice until Shayla fell of the bed witha loud 'THUD' and an 'OWWW' following. That made Kenzie & Brittany laugh even more.


"LOUIS!!!" Harry yells from his room.

"WHAT?!?" Louis yells back.

"GET IN HERE!" Harry yells at him.

"Already here," Louis says.

"Okay. What am I going to wear tomorrow?" Harry asks.

"Wear what you usually wear a white shirt, skinny jeans and your converse," Louis says.

"Okay. Thanks," Harry says as he grabs a shirt and jeans then sets them out for in the morning.


Emily & Sierra finished on Emilys hair after she changed her clothes. She put on her jewelry and shoes and grabs her purse and heads towards the door until the girls stop her.

"What?!" Emily says.

"We just don't want your first kiss to be a sucky one," they all say as they hand her a pack of mints.

"How do you know that he will kiss me?" Emily asks with her hands on her hips.

"Just because WE read magazines and watch interviews on YouTube," Brittany said motioning to all the girls when she said 'we'.

"Well I do too," Emily replied.

"Not as much as we do!" Sierra said.

"I know you do Sierra, because you and Brittany are absolutely IN LOVE with Niall," Emily said holding out the 'i' for a while.

"I hope you can hold out your high notes longer than you can hold out the 'i' in Niall," Shayla said.

"HEY!" Emily yelled.

"I didn't really mean it! We all know that your the only one of us that can hit the high notes let alone hold them out for a long time," Shayla said laughing.

"Well, will you please let me go down to the lobby?" Emily said.

"NO!" all of the girls yelled.

"Why?!" Emily yelled back, "You're going to make me late!"

"Because!" Sierra & Shayla said.

"Why?" Emily asked again.

"Because," Brittany said.

"Why?" Emily asked yet again.

"Because, Si-si got Nialls number, I got Louis', Britt got Liams' & Shay got Zayns," Kenzie said.

"Did you guys really?!" Emily said excitedly.

"No, but Si-si did." Kenzie said.

"Did you really?!" Emily said turning towards Sierra.

"Yep!" Sierra says as she gets a text from Niall.

From Niall:

"Hey do you know when Emily is going to get down here? Harry is waiting and he says I can't get food until she gets here."

"Umm girls I think we should let Emily head down there and get to Harry," Sierra said, "Look at this text from Niall." She shows Brittany, Kenzie & Shayla the text.

"Yeah we should let her go," Brittany says.

"I second that," Kenzie said.

"Okay. Emily you can got just if he kisses you make sure you have good breath," Shayla says.

"Thanks. Now move!" Emily says. Kenz, Shay, Si-si & Britt move and Em leaves. Sierra texts Niall.

To Niall:

"Tell Harry that Emily is on her way down." He texted back in almost no time at all.

From Niall:

"Yay! FOOD!!! (: haha meet me later?"

To Niall:

"Sure. Let me guess Nando's?"

From Niall:

"Yep. 1?"

To Niall:


From Niall:

"Okay. Li is bringing Dani, Lou is bringing El and Zayn is bringing Perrie. Although I don't think Zayn really likes Perrie anymore."

To Niall:

"Oh yeah and how would you know?"

From Niall:

"Umm because I'm Zayns best friend and plus he won't shut up about Shay!"

To Niall:


From Niall:

"Yeah! Lou has been trying for hours to get him to shut up!"

To Niall:

"Oh wow."

From Niall:

"Yeah. He doesn't want her to know until he breaks up with Perrie so don't tell Shay."

To Niall:

"I figured he was still going with Perrie, but I pormise I won't tell her. You can trust me."

From Niall:

"Okay. Emily just got down here so I can go get FOOD!"

To Niall:


From Niall:

"Are you ready?"

To Niall:

"What do you mean?"

From Niall:

"Like do you have clothes on?"

To Niall:


From Niall:

 "Come have breakfast with me?"

To Niall:

"Sure. Let me get ready."

From Niall:

"I thought you said you were already ready!"

To Niall:

"Yeah but a girls got to brush her hair!"

From Niall:


To Niall:


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