New Records

When Emily, Maycie, Kenzie, Shayla & Hannah loose there record deal in the UK they go to Simon Cowel for a new one. What they didn't know was they when they were at the pool at their hotel that they would meet some special people.


6. The Paparazzi

"Should we go?" Harry asked.

"No! We promised Sam that we would sing!" Emily says.

"Okay, like six songs then we're out of here & back to the hotel, okay?" Harry says raising one eyebrow.

"Okay," she says.

~Where The Stage Is Set Up~

"Oh god! Harry! Emily! I saw the picture, I thoght that you guys had left!!" Sam said running up and hugging them both.

"We weren't about to let you down Sam!" Harry said, "Do you have two pairs of extra earpieces?"

"Yeah, right over there, Jill will go get them for you if you ask her I'm sure," Sam said pointing to a woman with long dark brown hair. We walk over to her.

"Hey, Jill, can we get earpieces?" Harry says.

"Yeah of course, while I go get them, can you help the band set up?" Jill says.

"Yeah of course. Do you need me to run around the park yelling that I'm going to be singing again?" Harry says laughing.

"Maybe," Jill says as she walks away.

"She seems nice," Emily says.

"She is," he says once they are done setting up, "But I wouldn't date her."

"Why not?" she says grabbing a bottle of water.

"Because I've got you right now," he says hugging her from behind. She giggles. He laughs and lets her go. Jill comes back a few minutes later with their earpieces and microphones. She gave Emily a sparkly one and Harry a normal one. She told them to put them on the stands in the middle of the stage. We put our earpieces in and put our microphones on the stands.

"People are starting to show up, we haven't even done sound check. Should we do like the first verse of a few songs and see if it souds good?" Harry says grabbing his mic.

"That sounds like a good plan. Are you okay with that Emily?" Jill asks.

"Yeah of course!" Emily says grabbing her mic.

"Okay. Emily, you can go sing real quick I think the band is ready," Jill says grabbing a few bottles of wter and giving them to the band.I sing the first verse of Wide Awake by Katy Perry. I took an earpiece out when Harry comes up.

"Sound okay?" I ask.

"Okay? More like AWESOME!" he says grabbing his mic after putting in his other earpiece in. He sings the first verse of So Listen by Cody Simpson. When he was done he took an earpiece out and went over to Emily.

"Sound good?" he asked.

"I'm not going to relay your message, but I agree with what you said," she said giggling. He laughs.

"I'm going to take that as a yes," he says, "Jill I think we're ready!"

"Okay!" she yells from backstage. She comes from backstage.

"Should we let them in? I can hear them screaming and the gate is way over there!" she says.

"Yeah, we've kept them waiting long enough,"Harry says.

"Okay, I'll page Paul, you guys better get backstage before you get attacked," Jill says pulling out her pager. Emily & Harry head backstage. Holding hands.

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