New Records

When Emily, Maycie, Kenzie, Shayla & Hannah loose there record deal in the UK they go to Simon Cowel for a new one. What they didn't know was they when they were at the pool at their hotel that they would meet some special people.


2. Pool Cuties

The girls get back to the hotel. "Well I guess we should go search for a new record deal," Shayla says.

"Yeah, but we should just go relax at the pool for now. It's great weather." Kenzie says as she digs her bikini and Ray-Bans out of her bag. She finds her glasses and throws them towards Brittany. She catches them. "Good catch," Kenzie says.

"Thanks but did you forget that I did play softball for a long time before we became famous?" Brittany says.

"Oh yeah. Forgot." Kenzie says as she heads toward the bathroom to change.

"I guess we should just relax for a while while we have the chance," Shayla says. She digs out her bikini and Ray-Bans and she goes to change. Kenzie comes out of the bathroom and grabs a tee-shirt and a pair of short-shorts and puts them on then flops down on the bed.

"So?' Kenzie asks.

"So what?" Emily asks.

"So, are you going to go to the pool with us? You need to chill out and relax for once," Kenzie says.

"I don't know," Emily says, "I'm really really stressed right now."

"Come on! You might find a cutie," Kenzie says.

"Oh okay fine! But only becuase there is a chance at finding a boy," Emily says.


They all sit down on the lounge chairs and put their glasses on to tan then Emily sits up and says, "Do you guys see who I see?"

"Who? What? Where?" Shayla says confused.

"Over there," Brittany says.

"Oh yeah," Shayla says as five boys walk out and sit down next to them.

"Hi. I'm Niall," the blonde one says with an adorable Irish accent.

"I'm Harry," the curly haired one said.

"I'm Louis," the one with most facial hair said.

"I'm Zayn," said the one with the darker skin tone and dark hair.

"I'm Liam," said the other brown haired one.

"Are you who I think you are?" Shayla asks.

"Umm. Who are you thinking of?" Harry asks.

"Oh nothing. Just five boys in a British/Irish boy-band called One Direction," Shayla says.

"Don't tell me! It's you guys isn't it?!" Brittany says.

"SHHH!!! Keep it down we don't want to get mobbed," Louis says.

"Don't worry we won't TRY to get you mobbed but no promises," Kenzie says.

"Thank you," Liam says.

"Your welcome," Emily says.

"You girls seem pretty cool. How is it that you aren't squealing and screaming infront of us?" Harry asks.

"We are used to getting mobbed by fans so we aren't going to turn you into the fans," Emily says.

"What do you mean?" Zayn asks.

"We are famous too. Only in the U.S though," Brittany says.

"Oh. Are you all a girl band or what?" Louis asks.

"Yeah we're a girl band," Shayla says.

"Oh whats your band name?" Liam asks.

"Odd One Out," the girls say in unison.

"Oh! I've heard of you!" Niall practically yells.

"Really?" Emily asks.

"Yeah. You are the five girls who were discovered like Justin Bieber! On YouTube," Niall says.

"Yeah, sort of," Emily says.

"Then how did you get discovered?" Louis asked.

"Well we would just do covers of popular songs and put them on our YouTube channel. People seemed to like the because it was always our videos on the popular page. So people told the U.S. X Factor about us and so they called us in to audition and we got third place like you guys did on the X-Facto over herer. We became a big hit in the U.S and so then we wanted to tour around the UK so we went and got a record deal here and so we were over here working on songs then I got into a BIG argument with our manager then we were fired but I quit before they could fire me. We all knew this was coming up sometime because our old manager is a block head. So now we need a new record deal over here," Emily explained.

"Oh. Well we could help you get a new deal," Harry offered.

"Really?! Thats great!" Shayla practically yelled.

"But first we need to get to know eachother better," Harry said. He winked at Emily.

"Is this you asking me on a date?' Emily asked.

"Yeah. Seven o'clock tomorrow morning?" Harry asks.

"Sure," Emily says.

"Make sure to wear something you comfortable in. Not a dress for sure," Harry says as him and the boys walk away.

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