New Records

When Emily, Maycie, Kenzie, Shayla & Hannah loose there record deal in the UK they go to Simon Cowel for a new one. What they didn't know was they when they were at the pool at their hotel that they would meet some special people.


4. I Really Like You

Emily gets out of the elevator an spots Harry & Niall standing near the door. Niall was texting. Probably Sierra. Harry was texting to. Who knows who it was. He looks up and sees Emily. He starts walking towards her.

"You look amazing," Harry says.

"Not to bad yourself," Emily said smiling, "So what are we doing today?"

"Other than we are going to have a lot of fun, it's a secret," Harry said with a mischevious smile on his face.

"Awh come on! Can't you give me a hint?!" Emily said.

"Nope! It's a secret," Harry said smiling again.

"Fine!" Emilysaid and she crossed her arms and pouted. Harry laughs. "What are you laughing at?" she asks.

"Nothing. Just laughing at hot cute you are," Harry said laughing.

"You think I'm cute?" Emily asks.

"Yeah. Who wouldn't?" Harry said not laughing anymore.

"Well lots of people." Emily said.

"Oh yeah! Who then?" Harry said.

"Well my ex-boyfriend Camden," Emily says.

"Thats just one guy though. I bet once you girls become even more famous millions of guys will try to be all over you, because I know I would," Harry said.

"Whats that supose to mean?" Emily asks.

"It means that I...erm," Harry stops.

"What?" Emily asks.

"It's just...that i...erm...really like you," Harry says blushing.

"Oh. Well I really like you too,:" Emily replied with a shocked look on her face.

"Really?" Harry asked looking like a little kid.

"Really," Emily says touching his arm. He grabs her hand. She doesn't pull her hand away. They sit there. In the car holding hands all the way to their destination.

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