All the scars they left me

Kareen and Beth just started to living a dream. They were in one of UKs most famous dance groups and they had each a wonderful boyfriend. But when the boys fans knew about them the hate started. Sadly one of them didn't survive the hate.


1. The Letters from RNG

Beth's P.O.V

I was on my way home to Kareen, she told me she had good news. I opened her door and there she stood with a letter.  "What is that?" I asked. "Well you know the audition we did a couple of months ago.." "Oh my god! What does it say?!" "you can read it yourself" she said and handed me the letter. I started to read the letter 

Dear  Kareen Edwards, we're pleased to tell you that you're now a member  of Rated New Generation 

RNG aka Rated New Generation is a  dance group we always wanted to be in. How come she already got her letter but not me. "when did you get your letter?" I asked her "like a week ago, my dad had it at his apartment." she answered "well I haven't got my letter yet" I said and opened the door. "where are you going?" she asked. "I'm going home" I said and ran home. I ran into my room, jumped on my bed and started to cry. Why would she get her letter but not me?! I been working so hard! Christina walked in. "Beth, are you okay?" she asked "Kareen got her letter from RNG" "so?" "i haven't!!" "I really do not see the problem" Christina said and gave me a weird look. "THAT MEANS IM NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A MEMBER OF RNG" I screamed and started to cry even more "if it was like that you would get a letter were it says that you didnt come in, so don't lose your hope". The next morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was Christina standing there, staring at me. "what do you want?"I asked "okay, well i got a letter to you! And it says 'Dear Bethany May we're pleased'..." "give me it!!" I continued to read. "my first rehearsal is 13 of august at 12:30, when is it August 13?". Christina picked up her phone from her pocket "today.." I looked at the watch [11:55] "oh no!!! I'm late!" I started to change cloths. "please drive me to the studio?" begged christina. "sure, but hurry it takes 15 minutes to drive" she said and started to walk out to the car. After a fixed my stuff I hopped into the car. Christina started to drive to the studio. Thank god I got a sister like her! "Who the fuck sleeps to 12 o'clock?" never mind "it's not like I control it" "well you can with an alarm clock." she said.

Kareen's P.O.V 

I sat here outside the studio waiting for Beth. Why wasn't she here? The rehearsal starts soon. Maybe she didn't get accepted! That was probably the reason she got so sad yesterday! I don't know if I can do this without her. I never done anything without her! This is both our dreams not just mine. Then suddenly a green mini stopped in front of me "Am I late" Beth asked and had a big smile on her face. I hugged her and said "I was worried you didn't get accepted, you were so sad yesterday" "I know, I didn't get the letter until this morning" she said. We walked into the studio and saw all the dancer dancing it was just like a dream. "hello girls" the choreography
Said and  starten to show us around and introducing us to some people. I can't believe I'm finally here!  After we danced a group of people walked in and there was a girl with beautiful curly hair! I decided just to wake up to her "hi, I'm Kareen! I absolutely love your hair!" I said and smiled "thank you so much, personally I like it straight. Oh and I'm Danielle nice to meet you." we talk for a while but then she had to go to the dance group. "who was that?" Beth asked "Dani, we just talk a little. She's such amazing person. She actually invited me to a little party of hers, I bet I can bring you with me....if you want" "I would love to". 
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