Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


32. you found her?


"and do you know if she has had an argument with any of her friends or boyfriend lately?" the police officer asked

"no not what i know of"

"okay then what we will do is, we will send out a group to check the city over and then we well go and ask the people you've given and if you find anything to where she could be give us a ring okay?"

"yes thank you for all your help" i waved them off from the door, so what was i meant to do while they went looking for her? sit down relax have a drink and watch the latest episode of eastenders? no way i had to go out and look for her i rang Anne to see if she could look after Ava and dropped her off then went to look for my little sister.

Harry's P.O.V.

"alright let me know what they say" and Mel hung up, i stood there dazed

"you alright mate?" Zayn asked

"Bonnie's missing"

"huh since when?" Niall asked panicking

"I DUNNO NIALL MEL JUST TOLD ME!" i shouted at him

"sorry mate im just worried for my best friend"


"right well im going to get breakfast Liam you coming?"

"yeah mate come on"

Niall walked out the room with his head down, god why did i shout at him? im so stupid! it wasn't his fault

"Niall wait!" i went to run after him when my phone started ringing




"no its Mel"

"have you found her?"


"okay im coming home"

"no you're not"

"yeah i am im helping look"

"no you're staying there in case she comes and finds you, she knows where you're hotel is plus you're coming back tonight"

"i cant focus when i know she's not safe"

"well you're going to have to harry"

"fine but keep me updated"

"okay i'll talk to later"

"okay see ya"

"have they found her?" Zayn asked

"no but they are going to look, Mel just rang the police they are on their way"

"I've just rung El and she said her and Dani are going out now to look"

"cheers mate. I've got to go and find Niall" i walked out the door and down to the hotel reception

"Niall mate im so sorry" he span round his eyes were red. had he been crying? why over Bonnie i knew they were close but not that close

"don't worry i completely understand, you were angry im sorry"



Mel's P.O.V.

I walked through town, both parks, the pier, station and nothing where was she? id spent 6 hours walking around looking for her and she was no where to be seen, had she gone somewhere in the country? no she wouldn't leave Ava she couldn't have been taken, could she? my phone started ringing



"hi is this Melanie Haines?"

"yeah is this about Bonnie?"

"yes we have found a body on the sea front and we need to confirm its her"


"yes body, when we found her she heart wasn't beating and she was stone cold we suspect hypothermia we are currently trying to start her heart"

"where are you?"

"on the east end of the sea front"

"okay im on my way" i put my phone in my pocket and ran towards the east sea front, i have to ring harry



"no sorry, he's on stage at the minute do you want me to tell him anything?"

"yeah can you tell him that Bonnie has been found but when he gets back he can meet us in the hospital"

"yeah sure"

"thanks" i hung up and sprinted the final 100 yards to a huddle of police and an ambulance please please let this not be Bonnie please if shes gone i don't know what i would do with myself


Harry's P.O.V. 

we had just come off stage singing use somebody at boot camp our final performance before we found out if we were through and Bonnie was on my mind for the whole thing. when we came off stage we had to have an interview with Dermot then Cher another contestant came over

"hey harry i heard your phone going off when you were on and i answered for you hope you don't mind"

"okay no its fine who was it?"

"someone called Mel? she said something about Bonnie?"


"er that Bonnie has been found or something and when you go back meet her at the hospital"

"hospital? did she say anything else?"

"no but she was out of breath like she was running or something"

"okay thanks Cher um boys i gotta go"

"harry cant you wait like 1 hour we'll find out soon then we can go home?" Liam asked

"please its only 1 hour!" Zayn pleaded

"yeah but we'll have to be quick"

"she'll be fine harry trust me" Niall patted my shoulder

"i hope so"



Mel's P.O.V.

"hello are you miss Haines?"

"yeah that's me wheres my sister?"

"now listen, it may be distressing for some people so please be prepared"

"i just want to see her"

the police officer lead me through the group of people to see a girl lying in a foil blanket on top of a spinal board, she was pale white and her lips were blue

"yes that's her, that's Bonnie" i began to sob, shes dead, Ava hasn't got a mum, i haven't got a sister, Harry hasn't got a girlfriend, we've lost her and its all my fault


Harry's P.O.V.

After the phone call that Cher picked up i kept my phone on me at all times we were called onto the stage to know our fate in the competition. Simon Cowell sat there with Louis and Nicole and all the bands were standing on the stage 

"hi guys" he said

"as you know the talent this year has been incredible and this was the most difficult decision we have made"

"so the first group through to judges houses is" Louis said

"one direction" Nicole said, shock filled through out me! i dropped to the floor with my head in my hands, i stood up

"thank you so much!" i said to the judges as we walked off jumping around all over each other, we met Dermot as we walked off

"congrats guys, how do you feel?"

"its just incredible wow we are speechless"

"its the best feeling in the world"

"well boys, congrats and see you at judges houses" Dermot shook our hands and we moved on to the other contestant through



"hi harry its Mel" she sounded upset

"hey you found Bonnie! how is she?"

"they found her on the seafront half her body was covered in water, when they found her she was unconscious"

"but shes alright now?"

"its not looking good"

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