Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


27. what's with her lately?

"oh c'mon bonnie!" Perrie pleaded down the phone

"i can't! sorry" she had been begging me to go to prom next weekend all week

"why not?"

"who's going to look after Ava?"

"can't Mel? or your mum? or Anne?"

"what will i wear?"

"we'll find something!"

"i don't know Perrie"

"c'mon we are never going to have a prom again! plus we all want you there!"

"doubt it."

"you know she never meant it!"

"how come she said it then?"

"she was angry, she doesn't understand-" ava started crying in my arms

"i gotta go, see you tomorrow" i hung up before she could answer and threw my phone on my bed, why did everything have to be so difficult? me and Millie hadn't spoken in weeks and its just making life a mess at the minute if everyone is meeting up i wont go if millies going and i know it sounds stupid but it sounded to me in our argument that she didn't want to be friends anymore so i thought i'd just leave her too it i haven't seen the group as a whole since the boys audition which was over 3 weeks ago.

Ava had grown up so much since then shes been growing at a good pace all her health is amazing, she has started to grasp my finger as well sometimes i just find myself staring at her admiring her, people forget that she saved my life after that night. my phone started to ring again without looking at it i answered


"oh sorry shall i call back?" it was Niall

"no sorry how are you?"  hadnt seen Niall properly since i bought Ava into school, i saw him out and about but that was about it

"im okay" he said uneasy


"yeah im good, hows my little god daughter?" that i what i love about Niall, he puts everyone else before himself

"shes really good! missing you though you need to see her soon, shes getting so big"

"aw i miss her too!"

i coughed down the phone jokingly

"haha!" his laugh was contagious "i miss you too!" he said while laughing

"good" i laughed down the phone

"so were you expecting a call?"

"huh?" i asked

"when you answered you sounded annoyed"

"oh no! i was on the phone to Perrie, shes been nagging me about going to prom!"

"you're not going to prom?" he sounded surprised

"i can't Niall!"

"why not?" his voice sounded sadder

"i can't get anyone to look after Av-"

"who you talking to?" i heard Millie's voice in the background

"oh just a mate from school!" Niall was covering me why?

"about prom?" she questioned

"yeah about his prom date, he doesn't know how to ask the girl"

"stop lying to me Niall! im not a fucking 2 year old!-" i hung up the phone. what had got into her recently? why was she shouting at Niall? I've had enough of her but i felt bad hanging up on Niall making him have a argument with Millie so i text him

"sorry i hung up, didn't want to cause any more grief. if you argue every time we speak then don't worry, Ava misses you we both do make sure Millie's okay even if we don't talk i still care about her. see you soon x" i left my phone on my bed and walked down stairs with Ava to the kitchen it was only when i put Ava to bed when i check my phone it had 2 unread messages both from Niall

"leave Niall alone, keep your hands off him, he's mine. don't ever talk to him or any of the others again or you'll have me to deal with"

"sorry about that ignore her don't know whats with her lately, i wanna see how big Ava's got when you next free?"

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