Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


17. tea candle

I broke off from mum, both of our faces red with tears, I leaned against the wall sinking to the floor I held my knees up to my chest and cried on my lap. Mum sat next to me but didn't dare say anything
"we have to tell her parents" I murmured

"I will, they'll be fine"

"NO MUM THEY WON'T! THEIR DAUGHER HAS JUST DIED AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" I stood up and walked out the hospital to Bonnie's house, I knocked on the door it was her dad that answered
"what do you want?" he tried not to look at mr

"it's Bonnie, she'"

"spit it out!"

"she's dead Hugh" I broke down on tears again and just walked away leaving Bonnie's dad frozen at the door. I walked to the park with the lake and the island remembering we were here last night. I sat on the edge of the lake. The same questions going through my head, why did I kiss Allie?, did Bonnie see? What about Ava?what am I going to do? My mind was replaying itself over and over when suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and it was Liam and Danielle walking her dog, I quickly looked down realising that I'm still crying Danielle noticed and came and sat next to me

"Harry what's wrong?"

"she's gone" I broke down into fears even more

"who's gone mate?" Liam sat the other side of me putting his hand on my back

"Bonnie she's gone"

"she's gone where?" Danielle got more serious after she heard it was Bonnie

"she's gone." I put on my head in my knees and curled up like a ball crying

"oh my god" Danielle was now crying, she put her arm around me resting her head on my shoulder, even Liam cried wrapping his arms around both me and Danielle, we stayed there for a long time.
I looked up, with liam and Danielle doing the same after I looked at the lake and I found a floating tea candle on a lily pad which was still lit from last night

"I have to go see her" I whispered

"do you want us to come?" Liam asked

"no, but tell everyone else. Millie first but do it in person god knows what she'll do, stay with her, stay as a group the lot of you, I'll keep you updated if anything happens" I got up and walked off to the hospital like a zombie. Once I reached the hospital I went to the room she was now in, I looked through the window to see her mum, dad and sister. I walked through the door, heads all spun at the same time, I closed the door behind me and before I knew it I was being pinned to the wall, her dad grabbed my shirt

"I swear if you did this, I am going to kill you"

"Hugh, leave him alone, it's what she would of wanted" her mum was pulling him off me

"do you mind if I have a minute alone?"

"sure" her mum said holding her dads arm, they walked out the room followed by Mel. I walked over to Bonnie's body, I instantly broke down into tears again, I was standing next to her bed, she looked so peaceful, I tucked her hair behind her ears and whispered 'i love you' in her ear I kissed her softly in her cold cheek. I took her hand, and kissed it softly l. I looked at her bump, my beautiful baby girl, I knelt down and put my head in the bump, crying into her but I stopped crying when I heard a very faint heart beat, I put my ear to the bump, it was Ava's. Ava's heart was still beating

"SOMEBODY CALL THE DOCTOR QUICK!" I yelled out the door

A doctor and Bonnies mum, dad and sister came running in

"listen! There" I pointed at her bump, the doctor put his ear her bump, he couldn't believe it

"what? What is it?" Mel asked

"the baby, has a heart beat"

"could it save her?"

"we could try" he ran out the room and coming back seconds later with other doctors, we got rushed out the room, while several other doctors made their way into her room, they spent 2 minutes in there before sone of the doctors came out,

"you can go in now" a nurse said it was the nurse who gave me Bonnies ring

We walked in to see Bonnie hooked up in wires and tubes, doctors were still doing stuff so we just stood back until they left. When they did we stepped forwards and looked at the heart monitor.


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