Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


22. sweet disposition

"Harry! honestly dont worry about it!"

"no, im not having it anymore!" we walked over to Georgia's table on the other side of the canteen 

"ah finally came own up on cheating have we?" she giggled with her mates "oh and you've bought harry! hi harry how are you?"

"you need to back off" he almost spat

"why what did i do?"

"you know what you did"

"harry you've confused me"

"me and Bonnie and together, we are having a baby together! i dont know what your problem is! but it needs to stop! your just jealous, so get over the fact that you will never have me." 

"i just think you could do a lot better than her that's all!" 

"well think again, no one will ever mean as much to me as Bonnie and the baby do!"

"seriously harry lets go!" i started dragging me away but he pulled me back to stand next to him

"see even she doesn't believe it herself!" she laughed at me

"Harry doesn't show me love in the way that you are thinking Georgia! he isn't one of those boys who always thinks about sex, he respects me, he shows that he loves me by caring for me, making sure im comfortable when the baby's moving and kicking, he comes to every scan i don't need expensive gifts to prove that he loves me, i know he does."

"aw isn't that precious!" she smirked

"right that's it, i swear im going to hit you so hard-"

"Harry! c'moon shes not worth it!" he stopped with his hand inches away from her face

"you're right, shes just a pile of worthless shit."

"c'mon calm down, lets go sit down" i got his hand tight and we walked over back to the table

"harry what was that?" Louis said across the table

"i dunno man"

"you could of got yourself expelled!"

"i wasn't thinking straight"

"too right you weren't" all the boys were nagging at harry now, god guys give him a break!

"youve probably scared bonnie stiff"

"hey! it isn't harry's fault! and no im fine! she was in his face, lets just leave it and move on yeah?" 

"sorry babe" harry kissed me on my cheek

"don't worry about it, c'mon ive got to speak with the exam board" i went to grab my bag

"oh no you don't need to do that!" Niall spoke up "me and Millie went when you were um talking to Georgia, they now understand the whole situation and you are redoing the exam next lesson!"

"seriously guys thank you!" i got up and hugged them both from the back, well side cause of my bump. 



from that day to the night before the boys audition everything was pretty normal, getting ready for Ava, going to school, we hadn't seen Georgia since the 'incident', doing our exams. in the final months of my pregnancy it was getting surprisingly tough, unable to sleep and when i did i had very bad nightmares, finding it difficult to move and being restricted and having the weirdest food cravings such as banana pizza! don't ask! but my mood swings were the worst. i honestly don't know how people were putting up with me! anyways the night before the boys audition we all stayed at liam's house, it was closest to the station. it was me and the girls going to watch all their parents had work so they couldn't come.

the boys had been rehearsing since the words audition and x factor came up in the same sentence, but us girls refused to hear them sing as a band until the audition. we all got up early the next morning got ready and headed to the station for the train journey to the 02 arena.

on TV the queue for the auditions looks tiny! but in reality its huge! over 5000 people wanting to sing in front of the judges. we queued for hours! which was actually really painful for me! people kept staring at me thinking "oh look there's a pregnant teenager! what a slut" god i hated it when that happened, but i kept my head high and hand clasped in harry's as we made our way through the queues. it only kicked on how big this was when Dermot O'Leary came over for an interview asking the boys to introduce themselves, once the cameras switched off he was so lovely we got a photo with him, but the best thing was when after hours of queuing it was finally time for the boys audition he remembered us! 

we went to stand on the side of the stage where Dermot stands with the families and wished the boys good luck and kissed them before they headed up onto the stage, all us girls gripped hands tightly and waited watching the tvs at the boys finally on a stage where they belong

"hiya" Niall spoke up first with his Irish charm

"hello and you are..." Louis Walsh said

"im Zayn"

"im Louis"

"im harry"

"im Niall"

"im Liam and we are one direction"

the crowd cheered

"always a good sign" Dermot whispered to us

"right so what do you want achieve from the show?" Simon asked, he looked so big and scary! he decided on our boys future

"well we want to be the best band we could possibly be" harry said

"yeah we'd like to work with the biggest artists in the world" Liam said after

"make amazing albums" Louis said after Liam

"and sell out the biggest arenas" Zayn finished off

"right OK then what are you going to sing?" Cheryl asked

"um we are going to sing 'sweet disposition' by the temper trap" Niall said, a camera zoomed up on Simon's face

"im going to like this" he whispered to  Cheryl

the music started to play, and a beautiful harmony came out from the boys, they were incredible! they crowd loved it! Simon smiled hugely, he had found something big! this is the first time we had heard their voices together and it was magical! from that moment we knew they were going to be big. as soon as we knew it the song was finished

once the final note was sung the audience were on their feet as well as the judges, the boys were over whelmed! aw bless them, they did a quick group hug and then went back into a line

"Dani?" simon asked

"boys, you looked like you felt at home up there! all your voices compliment each other perfectly! very good audition well done!"

"you boys are so cute! honestly girls are going to fall in love with you everywhere!" Cheryl spoke up

"amazing song choice, i wasn't too sure at first but your voices are so unique, i can see you going very far!" the boys faces said it all! they were amazed by the reaction

"you boys are my favorite audition of the whole competition" Simon smirked the boys jumped up and down in each others arms

"you're different, youre new, you're like a breath of fresh air, i loved the song choice, i loved your audition" we were all amazed

"right so now we vote" Dani said, right at that moment, i felt a pain in my stomach, i grabbed my belly

"you alright?" Eleanor asked

"yeah fine, Ava's being a pickle!"

"im going to say yes!" Cheryl said, the pain in my belly got worst

"its a yes from me" Dani said. one huge pain came right into the center of my belly, i felt something pop a gush of water came out from under my dress. all the girls and Dermot  looked at me, shocked. my water had just broke! 

"c'mon lets get you to the hospital!" Millie said picking up my bag and holding my arm

"no i can stay and watch this, just 2 more yes's"

"no Bonnie! Dermot wheres the nearest hospital?"

"round the corner"

"Perrie, Eleanor stay here with the boys, Danielle can you come with me"

we walked out of the arena at the backstage door to avoid drama and got into the taxi

"shit! that was all caught on camera!" Millie and Danielle just chuckled

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