Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


63. surprise!

hey guys! so I've been really ill recently and haven't had the chance to update the sequel and i felt terrible for not updating in so long! so while i was ill i saw a trailer for the dark fan fiction and thought why don't i make one for forever young! so that's what I've done! i have made and completed a movie trailer for forever young! its going to be posted tomorrow on you-tube but once i have posted it i will put a link in a new chapter! so guys you'll finally get to see Harry, Bonnie and Ava. tweet me what you think of it or comment! really hope you like it guys! thank you for all the support! 



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