Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


11. Stay Away. Got it?

Bonnie's P.O.V.

It was great talking to my sister, we hadn't spoken in weeks and as much as i love harry's family, i needed my own. i was just glad that they were starting to accept the fact that i can't change the situation i'm in and are coming to the term that they are going to be grandparents. 

I was fine with the fact that i was pregnant, but i don't think people at my school were, it happened when me and Harry were going to go to my 12 week scan, the scan when we find out the gender and expected due date, we had to leave school for the afternoon. We were walking out the canteen after lunch with everyone when i got a text from a unknown number

*TEXT MESSAGE* UNKNOWN- "you're a slut who doesn't deserve harry, let alone have a baby with him, why would he chose a ugly skank to have his child with? just go rot in hell and take the devil baby with you"

i tear trickled down my face

"Bonnie are you alright?" it was liam he could see i wasnt and came in for a hug

"you know you can tell my anything right?" by this time Eleanor was over questioning Liam what was wrong

"Liam go get Harry, i'll take her to sit down" Eleanor got me round the shoulders and helped me over to the bench

"babe what's wrong?" she asked, Harry came jogging over and crouched down in front of me

"Bon, what is it?" i showed him the text, Millie read over his shoulder. Harry put the phone in his pocket and cradled me calming me down, saying everything's OK and that none of its true

"i know who that it is" Millie whispered "Harry wheres the phone? Danielle, Eleanor come with me we need to have a chat with Georgia Bates." Millie, Danielle & Eleanor all walked quickly off in the other direction


Eleanor's P.O.V.

Georgia Bates was one of the most obnoxiousness, little brats i think i'd ever meet, she was one of the 'popular' girls in the year and got everything she wanted, her parents were rich so she came into school with the most expensive clothes, bags, phones everything apart from the boy, Georgia fancied Harry since he first came here, but when he asked out Bonnie she was furious, she always got what she wanted now Bonnie got something before she did. On many occasions she accused Bonnie cheating on Harry trying to split them up but it made them stronger, knowing that Georgia was bull shitting, i guess that baby drama and Harry and Bonnie not talking for a week, she figured out how she could finally break them

"oh hey Millie, Dani, Eleanor" she knew what we here for

"what is wrong with you?" Millie was almost spitting at her

"me nothing im fine why?"

"how dare you do that to Bonnie! you know how hard a time she is having at the minute" Millie said through her teeth

"oh you mean that!" Georgia giggled with her mates

"it was you!" Danielle said suprised, Bonnie came running over with Harry quickly following

"oh look girls, its the fat ugly skank" Georgia said turning to her mates

"what did you say about my girlfriend?" Harry snarled at her walking over

"i said, that she is a fat ugly skank, honestly harry i dont know what you see in her, i mean c'mon look at the size of her, bigger than a whale i think"

"she's pregnant for christ sake! she perfect for me i dont care what anyone else says shes beautiful, even if she doesnt know it herself"

"this is a joke right? you are kidding with me Harry, and what about that thing growing inside her, im not going to call it a baby more like a troll or gremlin either would do" thats when Bonnie spoke up

"say taht one more time" you could tell she was angry

"you are a fat ugly skank, and i wish that troll inside you were dead" Georgia spat

"you know what i feel sorry for you georgia, you can have all the money in the world but you wont be 100% happy, i dont need expensive things or the latest gadgets, yes it would be nice to have them but i dont need them. all i need is my family, friends, and baby. will you ever get that? i doubt it all our friends are friends with you for the money. if you want anything you run to daddy. you see i get my life perfect for free, you have to pay for yours and it isnt even that perfect." Bonnie was centimeters from Georgia's face

Georgia didnt say a word instead she slapped Bonnie clean off her feet, Bonnie landed on the ground on her stomach. Fuck! Me, Harry and Danielle all went to help her back up. As Harry supported Bonnie standing i saw Millie walk over to Georgia who was laughing with her mates

"aw no! hope i didnt hurt the troll" Georgia said sarcastically

"you keep away from Bonnie, You keep away from Harry, You keep away from us, got it?" Millie was now in Georgias face


Millie's P.O.V.

"you keep away from Bonnie, You keep away from Harry, You keep away from us, got it?" i was in her face

"aw what? i wanted to be there at the birth!" she sniggered. I glanced over her shoulder seeing a teacher, she had been there the whole time, watching Georgia hit Bonnie. she hadnt gotten away with it and we all knew it apart from her. i walked away over to Bonnie, took her by the hand

"c'mon Bon lets go her face makes me feel sick" and walked away round the corner

Bonnie's P.O.V.

What just happened? it was a complete blur once we were round the corner i gave Millie a huge hug!

"you didnt have to do that"

"yes i did, you better go or you'll be late!" she let go of me and gently pushed me and harry off, he gripped my hand tightly

"what happened?"

"you cant remember?"

"i remember us walking over and then you picking me up off the floor"

"right, you need to be checked out! c'mon we are almost there"


I was sitting on the hospital bed with harry sat in the chair infront of me, the nurse was shining a light in my eyes, checking if i felt sick or dizzy

"you have a mild concussion, just drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep and you'll be right as rain next week!" she smiled 

"the baby is alright?" harry said sitting forward in the chair

"you'll see for yourself in a minute" and she walked out the door

i laid down on the bed when another nurse walked in

"hi im Taylor and im your midwife, i'll be here until the baby is born ok?"

"hello im Bonnie and this is Harry" we both shook her hand

"and you're the father?" she looked up from the monitor at Harry

"yes i am!"

"right well lets have a look then shall we" she lifted up my shirt to reveal mt stomach, harry came and stood the other side of me and have a look

n"well then where is the little'en, she moved the camera over my belly and looked up at the monitor. we for the first time saw the full outline of a baby body, Taylor pointed out the head, hands, feet

"so do you want to know the sex and due date?"

we just nodded to excited for word

"Harry, Bonnie on the 21st of May you will be having a little baby.........


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