Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


15. silence

Me and Harry got in the car and made our way back home, i was resting my head on harry's shoulder

"this day has been perfect, thank you"

"anything for my girl" that's when his phone rang

"hello, yeah she loved it, yes she said yes mum! what now? but she isnt due for another 2 weeks! OK we will meet you at the hospital, okay see you later, bye"

"what's going on?" i looked up at him

"Gemma's gone into labor, mum wants us to meet her at the hospital"

"but she isn't due for another 2 weeks!"

"her water broke just after we left, they're now at the hospital" he spoke to the driver "sorry mate but can you take us to the hospital?"

"sure i'll be as quick as i can"

"thanks" harry lent back into the chair and took a deep breath

"shes fine harry"

"i know, this will be us soon" he put his hand on my hand and gave it a quick squeeze, the rest of the journey was silent. when we arrived at the hospital we asked for Gemma's name and went to her room, we walked through the door hand in hand

"oh hey guys! how was the date?"

"good but we can talk about that later how are you?" i let go of Harry's hand and walked over to the side of the bed

"good, tired the contractions are getting quicker and worse but I'm okay"

"you're comfy enough?" i sorted her sheets out

"yes mum i'm fine" she smiled

"oh sorry, guess I'm kinda getting used to it"

"haha don't worry about it, i was like it too!" she saw the ring on my finger and grabbed my hand and bought it up to her face. her mouth and eyes were wide open

"he didn't?"

"its a promise ring!"

"bloody hell! I've taught him well"

"you sure have!"

"have what?" harry walked over butting in our conversation

"made her pregnancy look easy!" Gemma winked at me

"she sure has, shes been amazing, so hows the baby?" harry made conversation with Gemma so i decided to leave them to it and went to ring Mel about the news. i walked out the room into the corridor only remembering that i was still in this gorgeous dress looking all glam, that's why people were staring oh and that i was a pregnant teenager. i rang Mel


"hiya you alright?" 

"yeah good where are you?"

"I'm at the hospital" as soon as i said it i realized she would think something was wrong with me

"Gemma's gone into labor"

"oh phew! so whats happening?"

"well Harry took me out on a date tonight and we were on our way home and Anne called and asked us to come, so now we are here"

"aw where did he take you?"

"you know the park with the lake and island?"


"he put candles everywhere and we had a meal on the island"

"aw aint he cute!"

"yeah, and im, Mel one day i am going to marry him-"

"he proposed?!"

"kinda but no, he gave me a promise ring"


"i said yes"

"well congratulations

"thank you, so how are you?"

"I'm good finally got a job, waitress in nandos so if you need a meal you know where i a-"

"Bonnie, we need you in here" Anne peaked her head around the door, she saw that i was on the phone

"sorry" she mouthed

"really sorry Mel but somethings just happened and i gotta go, i'll ring you soon"

"right, you have to go see your new sister"

"what do you mean by that?" i said harshly

"ever since you left, you've forgotten about me, mum and dad. its like we've been replaced."

"I'm sorry but dad said he wanted my baby dead. i am not going to be around him, i thought you understood!"

"well it isn't all about you!"

"I KNOW! IVE GOT A FRICKIN BABY MEL! IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEN JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. OH AND THE BABY IS A GIRL IF DAD DIDN'T TELL YOU." I slammed the phone on the chair next to me. How could she think that? i thought we were good together. Anne put her head around the door

"Gemma's asking for you" and disappeared

if Mel wasn't going to be my sister then Gemma would shes the closest thing to a sister i have right now, i walked in to see Anne talking to the midwife and Harry sitting next to Gemma

"hey" i went to sit next to harry

"Bonnie i want you to be in the delivery room with me. mum and Ben will be there as well"

"surely you want harry there not me Gemma! I'm honoured but are you sure?" 

"yes Bonnie im sure! im dilated 10 centremeters so we better go! shes coming!" the midwife wheeled Gemma out the room "bye" she said to everyone, Me, Anne and Ben all followed all putting on a hospital coat and me and Anne tying up our hair and taking off our jewelry including my ring which i didn't like taking off! We walked in the room to see a empty incubator awaiting the baby.

Ben and Anne stood either side holding one of Gemma's hands each , i stood next to Anne

"right now Gemma you need to take a deep breath and breathe out when i say go until i say stop when you breathe out you need to push OK?" the midwife was ready we did this 3 times breathing with Gemma helping her through it until the midwife said
"and here she is?" but there wasn't a cry, normally when babies are born the cry it was silence, i walked around Anne to go see the baby and it was blue

"shouldn't there be crying?" Gemma asked 

by the time she finished her question the doctors had already moved the baby  on to another table and were gently pushing on its chest, giving it mouth to mouth, everyone became silent , Gemma went into a soft whimper crying into Ben  Anne just bit her lip the suddenly a cry broke the silence, me and Anne both sighed in relief. Ben hugged Anne tightly both crying now, the midwife bought her over in a blanket and placed her in Gemma's arms.

i left the room to go and get harry i walked through the corridor smiling at the fact that gemma was now a mother. i walked around the corner to see Harry kisssing another girl

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