Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


18. ring


I looked at the monitor and there was a pattern, a sigh of relief came over everyone in the room. Thank god, she was okay, I was a mess without her for one night, god knows what would have happened after a week. Me, her mum, her dad and Mel all sat in silence waiting for Bonnie to wake. I think her dad wasn't to mad at me, the baby which is mine saved her life and I knos he was grateful of Ava.

Millie and everyone came 15 minutes after Bonnie pulse returned, Niall text me when they were on their way so I waited outside the room, I was Millie, red faced out of breath worried sick running in with Niall quickly following her

"where is she?" She ran into my arms sobbing slightly

"Millie! Shes not dead! Ava's heart was still beating, she's alive Millie"

"I need to see her" she walked into the room, Niall walked over and sat down, I decided to join him

"do you know what happened?" he asked

"she was found on the street this morning, in a pool of blood" it pained me to say it

"oh man, I'm so sorry" why was he sorry for me? I was the one why she ran away, I'm completely for the blame. I had to tell Niall about Allie he was one of my best friends

"you remember Allie?" I kept my head down

"oh yeah I remember her! You dated for like a month?"

"yeah well she was here last night, she was me when I was waiting for Gemma in the delivery room, and we started talking and she kissed me"

"oh jeez Harry what have you got yourself into?"

"as soon as she kissed me I pushed her away and told her about Bonnie and Ava but Bonnie was coming to get me to see Gemmas baby and saw the kiss and the next thing I knew she had left the ring and ran without anyone knowing. I went out looking for her, but it was no use! Mum bought me back here and Gemma said Bonnie was in the emergency room, heart slowing rapidly until it stood still"

"what are you going to do?"

"honestly I have no idea"

Bonnie's P.O.V.

With each breath I took my whole body ached, hurt and was painful, Black that's all I could see complete darkness, but I heard voices. Mum? Dad? Mel? Millie?

"" the room went silent and I felt all eyes go on me, I gently opened my eyes to a bright room. They were all sitting down, I had tubes attached all over me. Ava? I looked at my tummy and saw a small bump, Ava was safe I sighed

"Bonnie?" my mum was by my side, I smiled at her which she returned

"hiya" I said as I breathed out

"we almost lost you" mum said

"well we did, if it weren't for that little baby inside you, you wouldn't be here" dad hot out his chair and walked to the side of the bed

"dad" I smiled

"hello princess, how you feeling?"


"what hurts darling?"

"everything" Harry walked in quiet, shy, not like himself, he was still wearing the clothes from our date. The date, the ring, Gemma, her baby, Harry kissing another girl, me running away, the man outside in the street, him kissing trying to kiss and and take off my clothes, him hitting me and kicking me. It all came flooding back

"hey babe" he smiled

"get him out of here" I said sternly

"what Bonnie? It's me Harry!"

"I know now get out."

"Bonnie? He's been here the whole time!"

"he needs to leave now."

Harry's P.O.V.

She remembers. It broke my heart, the first thing she asked when she saw me was to leave

"fine I'll be outside in the corridor" I went to open the door

"no Harry" her eyes were watering up, "leave and don't come back" my heart smashed into a million pieces

"Bon please-"

"no Harry Goodbye" I started to cry

"I love you" and I walked out the door, from Bonnie, from Ava for the second time. I had broke my promise, after 1 fucking night! I walked out the hospital and found Bonnies ring in my pocket, I got it out and looked at it, the diamonds sparkled in the sunlight, I walked and walked and walked until I reached the park, I walked over the bridge, remembering the good memories I've had on this bridge, once I was on the island I dropped to my knees, putting my head on the floor and thumping the ground hard with my fist, I was so angry, I was so tired, I was so heart broken, I felt the flower in my hands, it was one of Bonnies flowers I gave her, it was the red rise, it must have fallen off the table and we forgot, I picked it up, carefully not trying to break it. The petals were slowly crumbling away. I looked at the ring in my hand and slipped the ring into the stem of the rose, pulling it right to the petals, I stood up and dropped the flower and walked away, leaving her ring with her rose in the place of my best memory with her.
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