Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


38. publicity stunt or audition?

 "OH MY GOD Harry THAT'S AMAZING! IM SO PROUD OF YOU" i wrapped my arms his neck

"told you you'd make it didn't i?" i whispered into his ear, he clasped his arms around my waist and spun me around laughing once he put me down i ran over to Niall

"CONGRATS Niall! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!" I hugged him quickly

"thanks babe! never thought a little person like me would make it to the live shows of x factor!"

"i always knew you had something special about you!" i quickly kissed him on the cheek and  ran off back to Harry. we all walked out the airport to the cars talking to the boys about the other contestants and what Simon was like. the whole car journey back was abut judges houses and what to expect from the live shows. in one car it was me, Harry, Dani and Liam with Anne driving and Robin drove Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie and Niall. The first x factor episode was on that night so Liam had invited us all round to watch it as a group but before the other boys wanted to tell their families so Anne and Robin dropped the others off and i stayed with Harry seeing as i was going to Liams with him. Gemma was looking after Ava with Katie for me so they would be home and Harry wanted to see Ava. 

we pulled up into the drive and got out Harrys case and walked in

"hello?" Harry said his voice slightly raised

"Harry?" i heard Gemma say from upstairs

"yep where are you?"

"im just coming" i heard her walk all over the place then finally come down the stairs holding Katie in one arm as she was older she could stay up straight and Ava lying across Gemma's arm

"hows she been?" Harry asked going over to pick her up

"she has been a saint! you're so lucky she as quiet as a mouse!"

"well she can be" i laughed

"so Harry how was it?" Gemma asked

"oh it went alright" he shrugged Gemma looked down as if she shouldn't have asked i elbowed him in the side

"tell her the truth you Muppet!" she looked up

"well we um kinda got through!" Harry smiled

"NO WAY! AAH CONGRATULATIONS! i always knew those curls would be famous!" she messed up his curls and gave me a big hug a stood and watched smiling. i loved it when good things were happening. everything right now was going right finally!

we went up stairs to 'sort out Harry's suitcase and get ready for Liam's gathering' but really all we did was kiss and laughing at Ava expressions and then kiss a bit more and a bit more after that but you get the point! well what do you expect! we didn't see each other all week! so it was time for us to make our way to Liam's we both agreed to walk as Anne had driven to and from Gatwick so we got Ava's buggy ready and i 'borrowed' one of Harry's hoodies and we walked to Liam's.

When we arrived Niall and Millie were already there as were Louis and Eleanor sitting on the sofas with Liam and Danielle with a few packets of half eaten crisps on the table. we knew Niall was there then. 

"hi guys!" i said walking in with Ava Harry behind me carrying her bag

"hey that's not Ava is it? blimey shes gotten big ain't she?" Liam said sitting up right

"yeah it is! here have a hold" i passed her over to him and Danielle, Niall and Millie were snuggled on the sofa talking about something

"you alright mate?" Harry walked over and did the weird boy hand shake thing they all do

"yeah not to bad you?"

"good thanks" Harry pulled me next to him with his arm around my waist so it was me and Harry facing Niall and Millie. i hadn't seen Millie in like 7 weeks! wow who knew someone could change so much! Niall and Harry were talking about something and she looked up at me i smiled back but all i got was the death glare. charming. 

"do you want a drink?" i asked Harry

"sure if you don't mind. i'll have a diet coke thanks babe!" he said as i walked to the kitchen just to get away from her. i'd only been here 5 minutes and i couldn't stand her. 




so 20 minutes late Zayn and Perrie joined us but they bought pizza's so we forgave them. we tucked into the pizzas just as x factor was starting. i was me and Harry on the bean bag which was huge! it could fit like 5 people on it! but i was lying on his shoulder and he had his arm around me so when i got embarrassed about the "THE BABY'S COMING" incident i could hid in Harry then it was Dani on the sofa with Liam in front of her in between her legs then Niall and Millie with Millie sitting with her legs draping over Niall's, then on the other sofa Perrie and Zayn and Eleanor and Louis were the same ad Dani and Liam on the other sofa. Ava was in her buggy asleep

the show went on for 90 minutes and we were beginning to lose hope that the boys were on this episode until on the final act of the episode Dermot was standing there in front of thousands of auditionees 

"and for lastly probably the most dramatic audition this year in fact ever" all the boys whooped loudly laughing, i dug my face into Harry's arm in embarrassment already!

"boy band- One Direction" Dermot said then it cut to when the boys did the interview outside the arena cutting scenes with us talking to them and finally it cut to their audition, you saw Louis then Niall then Zayn then Harry then Liam walking on the stage smiling and waving at the audience

"hiya" Niall spoke up first with his Irish charm

"hello and you are..." Louis Walsh said

"im Zayn"

"im Louis"

"im Harry"

"im Niall"

"im Liam and we are one direction"

the crowd cheered

i looked up at Harry and he was smiling at the Tv all the boys were

"right so what do you want achieve from the show?" Simon asked, 

"well we want to be the best band we could possibly be" Harry said

"yeah we'd like to work with the biggest artists in the world" Liam said after

"make amazing albums" Louis said after Liam

"and sell out the biggest arenas" Zayn finished off

"right OK then what are you going to sing?" Cheryl asked

"um we are going to sing 'sweet disposition' by the temper trap" Niall said, the camera cut Simon's face

"im going to like this" he whispered to  Cheryl the song started and the boys started to sing they cut the judges reactions which we didn't see at the audition. the song sweet disposition started playing in the background while the judges gave their comments but before the judges said anything they cut to me and the girls backstage when Ava first kicked, you saw me double over holding my belly

"you alright?" Eleanor asked

"yeah fine, Ava's being a pickle!" a dramatic music started playing the the background i doubled over in pain again tension was being built with the dramatic cuts and music before you actally saw me leave the audition the credits started to play

"aw what?" Louis said disappointingly

"why did they do that?" Perrie asked

"for publicity! so people would watch next week!" Harry said he sounded angry

"hes right they used me for publicity, knowing the news papers i'll probably be in the sun tomorrow" 

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