Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


42. pre-show nerves

The next 3 whizzed by, I mainly spent time with the girls or Mel or Gemma and Anne. I managed to complete all my coursework for my exams, I skyped Harry once a week with Ava and he rang me every other evening. Niall also rang me a bit seeing as we were so close. The boys had done hundreds of interviews now, some with the other X factor contestants some on their own some with Simon and some with Dermot, they were in the press allot too like with the X factor house. It was all getting quite real and exciting but probably the thing that made it really real was the weekend of the first live show.

It was the Saturday morning when me, Anne, Gemma and Robin travelled up. Ben and his parents looked after Katie for Gemma but I wanted Ava to come along seeing as Harry hasn't seen her in weeks. We travelled up in Robins range rover which was extremely spacey. When we arrived we checked into the hotel around the corner from the studios. On the journey up I rang Liam to see if it was okay to see the boys before the show started cause I didn't want Ava in such a loud place once the show had finished plus I wanted to surprise Harry and Niall, he checked with Simon and said it was okay around 2. We arrived at the hotel around lunchtime and Ava was asleep the whole journey so we were both in a super good mood when we made our way to the fountain studios.

We had to go through the visitors entrance at the studios and there were girls already waiting outside the gates. Anyway we made our way through all the security and got our visitor badges and got lead around the backstage corridors to the front stage. We walked through the door to see the stage empty apart from the 5 boys, Simon was sitting in the judges table with Brian Friedman and a producer I think, the boys were rehearsing their song as I walked quietly round the stage to stand behind the judges desk and stood their watching the boys rehearse, working together to get their harmonies right sorting out their ear pieces and microphones. Once they had finished the song Simon walked over to them telling then what he liked and didn't. At this point they were all in a huddle facing inwards, I thought this would be the ideal time to surprise them.

I walked up the steps on the side of the stage making sure none of the boys saw me, I walked up behind Harry and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his head and turned back then took a second glance

"Bonnie!?" He questioned

"Hey babe!"

"Wha-what are you doing here like now? I thought you were coming later?"

"I know but I thought you might want to see Ava cause shell probably be asleep tonight!"

"Are you even allowed to be here?" He said quieter so Simon wouldn't hear, I held up my visitors badge

"I asked Liam and he asked Simon" I smiled

"Hey boys!" I said to them giving each of them a hug of course giving Niall the biggest. I reached Simon

"So you're bonnie? I've heard a lot about you!" He held out his hand

"Oh dear good things I hope!" I laughed nervously

"Of course and you miss must be Ava! I've also heard a lot about you!" He said to her and she was sitting on my hip Simon held out one of his fingers as of he was shaking her hand she grabbed it with her whole hand and Simon bounced it gently, Ava giggled lightly. Harry came over and stood next to me

"Hey Si can we have like 15 minutes I haven't seen Ava in weeks?"

"Sure but we need you back at twenty past we're going over the song again"

"Okay thanks" Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me through all these corridors, we went past a few contestants I remember from their audition. He took me into a room which I think the boys had for themselves it had a huge mirror with a desk in front all the boy bags were piled up in the corner. Harry made a small space on the sofa for us to sit, I passed Ava to him as she sat on hi knee playing with his contestants badge

"So you look like you're enjoying it?"

"Yeah I'm loving every second of it!"

"I've missed you" I look into his eyes as he looks back. He leans in and kisses my cheek then moves to my lips

"How you feeling?"


"Just don't think about it! Imagine that your singing to me okay?"

"Thanks babe" he kissed my cheek

We spoke about how everyone at home was and then what everyone here was like then Ava and what she's been like then before we knew it, it was 2:18

"We better get going" I said standing up

"You are coming tonight though?"

"Yeah I just thought it would be better if you saw Ava now cause shell probably to asleep during the show" he stood up quickly pecked me on the lips then we walked down the corridor towards the studio. Cher was on the stage going through her moves so we sat in the audience

"She's really good!" I say to Harry

"Yeah she's great, I mean we're quite close actually!"

"Really how come?"

"When I was at bootcamp and mel rang me about you she answered cause I was on stage and she told me about what had happened so yeah"

The fact that Cher knew about what happened killed me, I only wanted family and close friends to know the true story but now she knows she could tell anyone or the press and I haven't even met her

"Well we better be off but I'll see you later babe" I got my things together and Harry pulled me in for a kiss

"I'll see you later babe! Love you!"

"Love you too and if I don't see you before you go on good luck!"

"Thanks babe!"

"Bye boys" and I walked out the studios
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