Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


31. missing memories

"it's was nothing Niall"

"i don't believe you, i can sense when something is wrong with you, ive been sensing it for a few weeks now"

"you noticed too?"

"noticed what?"

"oh nothing so how the first day of boot camp go?"

"haha! we had to dance! like a full routine all of us got taught then in groups we had to perform it, then half of us were cut and tomorrow we sing our first song"

"well at least you're still in the competition! and oh dear i'd love to see those dance moves when you get back"

"oh don't worry you will!"

"oh god! haha um is Harry there?"

"er wait one minute and i'll ask Louis"

"okay thanks"

"Louis, where's Harry?" Niall asked

"um i think he's downstairs with a few other contestants, Cher and Rebecca i think" Louis replied

"ah i don't think so, i think he's out with Zayn and Liam for dinner sorry"

"Niall i heard what Louis said you don't have to lie to me"

"oh sorry, i just didn't want you getting hurt"

"why would i get hurt? he isn't doing anything with them is he? he's just gone for a drink"

"ah i dunno, he just seems distant recently"

"well i think we're all confused really! but anyway i ought to go, Ava's finally asleep so i better get some shut eye, so good luck tomorrow give everyone a hug from me and Ava and tell harry i love him!"

"okay Bonnie, i'll talk to you tomorrow"

"alright bye!" 

i chucked my phone on the bed, and jumped on it snuggling into my duvet. i didn't know what to do. yes i wanted my best friend back. of course i did but i don't know how to talk to her. Harry's saying I've changed and he's doesn't like it, so the boy i love doesn't like me anymore and the only person i can talk to his Niall the boy who says he loves me. Im sleeping 2-3 hours a night as Ava is up and down like the blooming weather every night. why did everything have to happen all of a sudden without any notice and all at once! i got out of bed and put on some bottoms and a hoodie and walked down stairs

"Mel can you keep an eye out for Ava, i'll be back in a few"

"yeah sure"

i walked out the front door and even though it was June the air was cold, well that's what you get when you live by the sea. i walked down the road towards to the seafront, the crisp cold air takes my breath away and you can see when i breath out. so much is going through my head right now, Harry, Millie, Niall, Ava. it's just too much for me to handle.

i reach the pebbles and sit down on them, the sun was just going down, the sky was a mix of orange and purple and  the reflection floated on the ocean. it was beautiful, it reminded me of when harry surprised me on  my birthday evening and took me for fish and chips on the pier we sat on the end of the pier with our feet hanging over the edge watching the sun set. it wasn't big or expensive but it was romantic and he knew that meant more to me than anything else.

i pull my hood up and lye down looking up at the sky, it reminded me of when i stayed round Harry's one night and we camped in his back garden and we watched the stars appear. god i miss that. just me and Harry. don't get me wrong i love Ava shes the best thing that has happened to me. i just miss how me and harry were. the last thing i remember was the stars starting to appear as my eyes gently start to close.


Mel's P.O.V

its been 3 hours since Bon left the house and its just gone half 11, where did she go? why has she been so long? i was started to get worried ever since that night when she was found in town I've been more aware of where she goes and how long she's been. she couldn't be to long now could she? anyway im tired so im going to go to bed and if she isn't back in the morning shes in trouble.

*the following morning*

Ava was up most of the night crying wanting Bon or milk. Bonnie still hasn't turned up, shes been gone for more than 12 hours and i was getting worried. i rang her multiple times during the night but then later found out it was left on her bed. stupid girl. it was 6am when i rung Harry

"hello" it sounded like i woke him up

"hi harry its Mel"

"oh hey Mel how are ya?"

"we can talk about that later, Bonnie went out last night and hasn't come back at all i rang her and she has left her phone here, has she said anything to you?"

"what? how long has she been gone?"

"something like 12 hours"

"call the police"

"why? isn't she with you?"

"no, im in London for the x factor"

"with the boys?"

"yeah all 5 of us"

"would she have gone round millies?"

"no, there not on talkng terms"

"okay can you ask the boys if they know anything im going to ring the police"

"alright let me know what they say"

"okay see ya later" i hung up my phone and dialed 999

"hello which emergency service do you need?"

"um police please"

"hello this is Brighton police how can i help you?"

"um i'd like to report someone missing, um my sister Bonnie Marie Haines, 16 years old, she left last night and hasn't come back"

"right okay stay calm love, have you rung her?"

"yeah but she left her phone at home"

"would anyone know where she would be?"

"um i rang her boyfriend but he's in London and has no idea where she could be"

"okay calm down don't worry we'll find her, do you remember what she was wearing?"

"um she was wearing grey hollister bottoms and a super dry hoodie with white converse on"

"okay and do you have a picture we could reference her on?"

"um yea i can find one"

"how long has she been missing?"

"er she left at around 6;30 last night but shes just had a baby and left her with me to look after and i don't know where she is or what to do" i started crying down the phone

"okay two officers are on their way over right now"

"okay thank you"

i rang harry again

"hello" his voice was full of panic



"no it's Mel"

"have you found her?" 


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