Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


40. making the most of what we've got

"c'mon babe lets go home" harry said as we were walking through the centre, he took ava out of my arms into his and i pushed the buggy home

"it should calm down in a few days Bonnie, we'll be fine"

"it's not your fault babe"

"i know but i feel bad"

"don't! you cant do anything about it, lets get home"

we walked back home attempting to have a conversation but harry kept getting stopped and it didnt help bumping into Louis and El, two members of the band on x factor caused ciaos with people wanting photos and autographs. me and Eleanor ended up going to Starbucks for a coffee and when we walked out the boys were finishing off the final photos and autographs. we said our goodbyes to Louis and Eleanor and walked back home quickly to stop getting anymore attention.

Once we got home Harry lifted Ava out of her buggy and laid down of the sofa watching TV. I sat in the dining room and started my coursework I had to catch up on since I missed some of the school year. Time caught up with me and soon I realised 4 hours had passed. I walked into the lounge to see Harry asleep on the sofa with Ava asleep on his chest. They both looked so peaceful, Harry's phone started to ring in his pocket and quickly ran to pick it up stopping the ringtone waking both of them up



"Hey Niall"

"Where's Harry?"

"Asleep on the sofa"

"Oh right, so you okay?"

"Yeah not to bad thank you yourself?"

"Yeah good thanks"

"Good so what you up too?"

"Er nothing much just you know watching tv playing FIFA same old stuff really"

"I knew it!" I giggled

"You know me far to well! So what have you and hazza been up to today?"

"Well we went into town to pick up some stuff for mum"

" don't sound too enthusiastic!"

"Ah it was...kinda...difficult"

"What do you mean?" He sounded concerned

"We got stopped a lot like from the fans who watched last night, they recognised me from your audition and then Harry from the band and we kinda had to stop every 2 minutes for fans and we got shouted at from random people"

"You okay?"

"Yeah it was just very strange, random people knowing who you are"

"I'm sure it is! What were they shouting?"

"Um some were like asking if you got through to bootcamp, but like 2 people shouted stuff about Ava like she'll be in care soon and we're not good enough parents stuff like that. Harry just told me to ignore it but well it's difficult"

"Aw babe you know that's not true! They're just arrogant, horrible people who only look at it from one perspective"

"I know but for a teenager mother to hear that, it's just hard"

"Well if it happens again and Harry is busy you know where to come!"

"Thanks Nialler, knew I could talk to you about it! But what were you calling Harry for in the first place?"

"Oh yeah well I got a call from X factor this morning!"

"Oohhh! And?"

"Well you know we were meant to be going down to London in like 4 weeks a couple of weeks before the live shows start?"


"Well....they kinda want us down there next weekend"

"What? That sucks!"

"I know but they said we have a load of press stuff like photo shoots, interviews, tv appearances stuff like that to promote the show."

"And we won't see you till the live shows?"

"I dunno, literally they called me said that and then left and told me to tell the other boys"

"Okay well I better wake harry up and tell him the news"

"Hey Bon we can sort this out! All of it! We'll make sure we see you as soon as possible"

"I know Niall but just focus on the competition"

"Alright babe, see you soon"

"Okay bye Nialler" I hung up the phone and sat in the arm of the sofa next to Harry's head

"Babe" I whispered stroking his hair his eyes slowly opened and he looked up

"Oh sorry baby I fell asleep what's the time?"
He stretched his free arm up

"6 but don't worry nothing happened"

"Oh right, thanks for waking me up!"

"It's fine and Niall called"

"What did he say?"

"He said that the X factor want that band in The house next weekend"
He sat up right more getting more focused in the conversation

"What? Why?"

"Promo, photo shoots,interviews stuff like that"

"But the live shows don't start for another 6 weeks!"

"That's what I thought but they want you there Saturday lunch time"

"But what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Where are you going to stay?"


"You're not coming down with me?"

"I can't Harry! What about Ava! The other contestants would hate it!"

"They'll get used to it!"

"It's not fair that I come and live there when everyone else is away from home"

"Yeh I suppose you're right"

"Let's just make the most of the time left yeah?" I smirked

"Sure where do we start?" He asked putting Ava into her travel cot

"Why don't we start where we left off earlier?"

"Oh yes I remember!" He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bed room
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