Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


52. love you, miss you

Bonnie's P.O.V.

That day I cried didn't stop just cried into Harry's arms into Niall's. I cried myself to sleep. During the time I was sleeping I think Liam had called mine and Harry's parents and told them to come to the hospital and they also called the girls letting them know what happened but hey all agreed on just having family here. It was the morning when the boys left apart from Harry, they were still in the X factor and had to talk to Simon about the situation as they had to perform in 5 days time.  Mum, dad and Mel arrived later that day too. Harry spoke to them outside while Niall cradled me on my bed. from outside i heard sniffles and cries but they tried to stay strong for me. They walked in with one of the nurses

"hello Bonnie how you feeling?" she asked

i ignored her i didn't want to talk to anyone apart from Harry, Niall or my family

"Bonnie?" Mum said i looked at her and nodded

"well if you are feeling okay you may go home but you must be careful OK?"

i nodded once

"and im awfully sorry Bonnie no one ever should go through such a thing. Everyone here wishes you the best"

"everyone?  what have you been talking about me and my baby while having a cuppa? im not a mothers meeting topic!" i raised my voice sitting up away from Niall. the nurse backed off a bit while Niall tried pulling me back down to lie down

"i was the nurse who had to confirm her death" she said quietly

"oh" i cuddled back into Niall's chest

"well thank you for your time" Harry said opening the door to the corridor once she left we all kept still for minutes

"me and the boys better get off" Niall started to get up and switch places with Harry "i will talk to you later yeah?" i looked up at him from Harry's chest and nodded slightly.

it wasn't until later on in the day that mum and dad drove me home back to Brighton. Harry and Mel stayed at the hospital to find more about Ava

the car journey was quiet i looked out the window at the road speeding by remembering all the times i was in here with Ava when we were first driving back from the hospital after she was born. i found myself sometimes crying looking out the window

once we arrived home i got my bags out of the boot and walked through the front door. the last time i was here Ava was here. that's what i thought everywhere i looked. i walked through the hallway into the kitchen. Ava bottles and baby spoons on the side which i washed up before we left. Jars of baby food in the glass cabinet. I walked through into the lounge. Baby toys everywhere. shakers. dummies. mats. nappys. baby grows. everywhere

"mum i cant deal with this" i sobbed as i fell to the ground

"come here darling" she crouched down next to me helping me up and walked me up to my bedroom. we walked in and my eyes went to the cot at the end of the room i tried to ignore it but it made me cry harder. mum got all her stuff that was in my room and put it in her cot and covered it with blankets

"sleep Bonnie" she helped me get into bed and pulled the covers up and sat next to me and brushed my hair out of my face

"its going to be okay honey just you wait. we'll all be fine" she whispered kissing my forehead


Harry's P.O.V.

Bonnie left earlier with her mum and dad. i didn't want her in the hospital anymore. it was hurting her too much. Mel decided to stay with me though we also stay together in these situations its our thing we keep each other from going mental in this place. We were sitting in the reception area when the same nurse came walking in

"you may see her if you want before she leaves"

i looked at Mel her eyes full of worry she looked up at me

"you ready?" she asked

"as ready as i'll ever be" she grabbed my hand in hers and we walked through to the very back of the hospital. we walked through corridors and corridors until we reached a room

"once you're done just give me a shout"

"okay thank you" Mel replied i was too scared to speak

we stood outside the room for a moment holding each others hand, breathing deeply she looked at me scared

i opened the door and walked through the room had navy walls a white table large enough to fit me on. but lying there was my daughter. bruised, cuts over her tiny body. her body so small and fragile, her eyes were closed. she looked peaceful, asleep and beautiful

Mel let go of my hands with one of her hands and held it up to her mouth crying quietly i gripped her hand tighter, tears falling faster. she walked over to Ava kissed her fingertips and placed the kiss on Ava's cheek and walked back over to me rubbing my back  i walked over to Ava and knelt down next to the table. 

"baby" i whispered

"my beautiful baby girl, i love you and i miss you. i will never forget the moment i first saw you and the feeling that you bought to me, you are the best thing thats happened in my life and i will never forget you. Mummy loves you mummy misses you. you my special princess have bought me and mummy together and made us stronger and i couldn't be more grateful. we will tell our other future children your brothers and sisters about you and their kids and their kids and you will never be forgotten my sweetie. we all love you so much and our lives would never be the same without you. i love you my baby girl don't ever forget it. we'll always be thinking about you Ava and your little giggle and your smile. sleep tight my beautiful angel. mummy and daddy love you forever and ever"

i kissed her forehead softly tears falling from my eyes i stroked her hair gently. and backed away from my beautiful girl tears falling harder than ever i stood next to Mel and clasped her hand tight in mine. she put an arm around me and we walked out of the room away from my baby daughter forever.

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