Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


58. lost & loved

Once people had finished applauding Harry pulled me into him putting his hand on my hip and we sat down to finish off the rest of the ceremony. Then all the guest went to the burial further down behind the church the sun was shining but it was bitterly cold Harry took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders as he walked back to join the boys to carry the coffin down I waited with Milllie and the girls walking after the coffin in front of everyone else holding into Millie's hand we walked down to the back to end of the grass to where the place where Ava was going to be put to rest we asked for somewhere where the sun would shine.

The boys put the coffin down and my dad, rob, my uncle and Harrys cousin started lowering it down as the vicar started softly saying a prayer. Harry was by my side in an instant arm wrapped around me, me pressing my cheek on his chest holding on hand up against his chest too. I started crying into his shirt looking at the ground where our baby daughter lay. He held me tighter resting his head on mine. They stopped lowering her in and stepped away. She was there, where she'd spend the rest of time. The vicar finished what he was saying and said his goodbyes. Slowly one by one people started to leave. Saying goodbye to us and telling them how beautiful it was exchanging kisses and hugs soon it was people in pairs. Me and Harry. Niall and Millie. Dani and Liam. Louis and El. Zayn and Perrie. Mum and Dad. Rob and Anne. Gemma and Ben. Mel was standing with them too holding Katie. We were all spread out around the grave looming down.

"Well we'll go back home everyone's welcome round we have food prepared just come round when you're ready" Anne said making her way around everyone saying their goodbyes followed by Rob.

"We'll come help you" my mum said doing the same as Anne and Rob also followed by my dad. Once they left we all stood their for a few moments. I heard a baby crying. Ava? No Katie crying in her mothers arms.

"We better go, she's tired" Gemma said to Ben gently rocking Katie

"I'll give you a lift back" Mel interrupted

Gemma, Ben, Mel and Katie all went around the group too saying their goodbyes

"I'm proud of you sis" Mel whispered in my ear as she hugged me

"Love you" I whispered back she took a step back holding my shoulders she sighed heavily and walked away with Gemma and Ben leaving just us 5 couples left. Harry pulled me back into his arms holding his arms around me locking his fingers together. I did the same to him and rested my head on his chest him resting his head on mine. We stood there for a while slightly swaying. I think at some point the other slowly and quietly backed away leaving just me and Harry. I think they thought they should leave us for a while. I released Harry from our hug and took his hand and gently pulled him away from Ava. I had to show him something. Something only my closest family knew about. I walked to the close grave stone and stood in front of it holding Harry's hands between mine

"What's this?" He questioned. The first time he spoke since his speech

"Read the name" I said quietly

"Jade Amber Haines 15th may 1996- 16th October 1999. Loving daughter, grand daughter and sister" he read out slowly i sighed deeply

"You had a sister?" He asked

I nodded

"I had a twin"


"We were driving home from a family meal. dad was driving me and Jade were sitting in our car seats in the back with Mel in the middle. Mum in the front. A car swerved in front of us dad managed to swerve out the way and gain control by the car next to us didn't and slammed into us making the car roll over. Jade suffered from serious brain damage and died 2 days later. We all came out unscratched" I said staring at the stone

"Bonnie I'm so sorry" harry held me against him again "why didn't you tell me?" He asked

"Only family remember her, it never occurred to me that anyone had to know"

"Do you miss her?"

"Yeah" I said sighing wiping a year away

"Come on let's go" we started walking back to the front but I had to see Ava one last time we walked to the grave which was now covered over flowers in place a bench stood opposite the stone so we sat down not taking our eyes off of it

"Do you miss her?" I asked him

He looked at me and nodded I moved closer to him cuddling up

"I want her back Harry" I whispered resting my head in his shoulder

"Same babe" he sighed

"What do you miss about her?" I asked

"Her smile, her eyes, having to stay up all night cause she won't sleep, playing with her, watching her learn, seeing her sleep" he cut off what he was saying

"We are going to get through this aren't we?" I looked up at him

"No but we'll learn to live with it" he stood up helping me up holding my hand softly we walked over to the grave stone

"Ava Marie Styles
21st April 2010- 16th October 2010
Beautiful daughter"

"It's the same day" I whispered "16th October 2 of the most important people in my life were ripped away"

We both kissed our fingertips and put them against the stone over Ava's name. Tears poured down our faces your eyes glistening with water. We stood back up and held each others hand and walked away slowly down the path.
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