Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


13. lost in the arms of the boy i love

Bonnie's P.O.V.

Life had carried on as usual after we found out Ava was a girl, both me and Harry went to school, Harry went to work, i helped Anne and Gemma around the house. I went to Gemma's scans when Ben couldn't. Me and Harry went for my regular scans to check up on Ava and the finally the day i feared the most came, i tried to put on a pair of trousers and they refused to do up, couldn't even get the zip up!

"argh, c'mon just please do up" it was no use at all the different angles i tried nothing would work

"ugh fine!" i screamed, there was a knock on the door

"Bonnie, you alright in there?" i was Harry

"yeah just going to go to school trouser-less"

"haha I'd love that! not sure the whole school would though! I'll go ask Gemma see if she has any"

"thank you babe" while i was waiting i looked in the mirror facing sideways i was 14 weeks and i was visibly pregnant, i could no longer hide the fact but the feeling i had was unbelievable, you get a sense of pride and confidence


"can i come in?" it was harry with the trousers

"yeah sure"

he walked in and saw me looking in the mirror stroking the rim of my bump, he placed the pair of folded jeans on the bed and walked over behind me putting his chin down on my shoulder

"what you thinking about?" he asked

"how much has changed within the past year and how much will change within the next year"

"just think next year she will be here in our arms"

"that's what I'm looking forward to, spending the rest of my life with her and you. even if it does mean not being able to fit in my jeans! look at me I'm so fat"

"now listen to me" he walked around to face me "you are not fat, you are simply beautiful"

yeah but-"

"no buts! you are beautiful Bonnie" he kissed me on the lips, a feeling went through me, the same feeling that happened on our first kiss.

"i'll leave you to get dressed" and he walked out the door. i looked in the mirror again

"beautiful you are Bonnie Haines" he said from down the hall

I walked over to the bed and pick up the trousers unfolding them, i pulled them up and placed the elastic around my forever growing belly when i noticed a envelope on the bed where the trousers were, i picked it up turned it over and on the front it said


I opened it up  and unfolded the letter


look in your wardrobe and you'll see a dress, would you please join me tonight at 6:30pm, i love you                                                                                                                     H x                                                                                                                           oh and please wear the dress"

I went to look in the wardrobe and at the very end of the rail was a beautiful, floor length dress 


Harry bought me a dress so he could take me somewhere, this is why i loved him. he took me for who i am, never judged me but did this for me, he was such a romantic


It was the end of school and Harry was staying late with the boys for some rehearsals with their band so i walked home with Danielle she only lived 3 streets away from Harry and came to help me get ready for my big date. We had Amy Whinehouse album playing the background when i showed Danielle the dress Harry chose

"wow! its gorgeous! he did good didn't he?" was her reaction.

We did my hair into big loose ringlets that spiraled down my back, Danielle helped with my make up, having my eyes desecrate with natural colors and then making my lips bright red 

"you look beautiful" Danielle said as she added the final touches to my dress

"thank you" i hugged her tightly me and her had become a lot more close recently

"right its 6:15 i better be off, you can tell me all about it tomorrow yeah"

"yeah alright thank you see you tomorrow" she walked out the door and made her way out the house. I walked down the stairs gripping on to the handle, i was so nervous i walked in the lounge to see Anne and Gemma sitting on the sofa, feet tucked under them selves when i walked in they both sat up

"aren't you a sight for sore eyes!" Gemma said smiling all i could do is giggle, i looked at Anne who had a tear in her eye

"Anne whats wrong?" i walked over

"nothing dear! I'm just- you look so beautiful!"

"he did well didn't he! this dress is incredible!" 

"he loves you, I've never seen him love someone else as more as he loves you" right then he walked in. His curls perfectly placed, he was dressed in a black fitted suit and tie holding a single red rose he turned to face me, he went to say something but instead took a breath out and smiled. he walked over to me and gave me the red rose and put his hand in the small of my back

"see i told you, you are beautiful" he whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek. he clasped my hand and lead me to the door

"we wont be home late" he told Anne 

"have fun" she said 

"bye" i mouthed to her and Gemma

we walked out side to see a taxi waiting for us we started walking when he stopped, stopping me from walking, he span me around to face him

"what?" i asked

"nothing" he whispered, he looked into my eyes making my heart melt, we were center meters away from each others faces, he put one hand on my back, i leaned in closer to him, i could feel his warm breath, he watched my every move, he brushed a curl of hair away behind my ear and held my cheek and leaned in, i felt his lips on mine, they were soft and tangled with mine, my heart was speeding with adrenaline, i was lost in the arms of the boy i love.


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