Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


44. it happens to the best of us

That weekend again me, Anne, Robin and Gemma made our way up to London but this time instead of just bringing Ava we bought Katie, Gemma's daughter. we checked into the hotel but instead of going to the studios we went to have a walk around London. I've been before but we just wanted a wander. we walked through the park by Buckingham palace and through all the tourist places which was actually really nice.

this week the boys were singing my life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson. once we finished our walk we went back to the hotel got ready had some dinner and left to go to the studios. the boys were amazing as per usual! we waited backstage after the show and the girls turned up as well! i think Millie came but didn't show herself but me, Perrie, Dani and El all waited for the boys to come through the doors once they came in the boys were astonished i don't think they were expecting the girls so it was a huge surprise

when harry walked in he smiled lightly

"hey babe great performance" i walked over to him

"thanks" he said half heartily 

"whats wrong?"

"i missed up the fucking song didn't i?"

"what? harry the judges said it was fantastic"

"Bonnie i know what i did OK? i missed it up! can we just leave it out?"

"oh sorry, Katie's here! shes missed her uncle!" i attempted to change the conversation

he just groaned

what is with him today

"well im going to talk to the boys you coming?" i asked him

"no im gonna get a drink"

"alright" i walked away over to the boys

"Bonnie!" i heard a familiar Irish accent

"Nialler!" i turned around and was embraced with a Horan Hug 

"You alright?" he asked him

"yeah Harry's just being funny"

"again? he's been like it all day! we just thought it was because he's missing you and Ava"

"you've talked to him?"

"well tried, we all have, we thought when he spoke to you he'd be fine"

"okay i'll be back in a minute"

"where you going?"

"im going to talk to Cher" i left the group  and walked over to Cher drinking a diet coke i think with a member of her family

"ah hello babe!" she said once she saw me

"hi well done for tonight you were fab!"

"aw thanks hun!"

"i was wondering do you know whats wrong with harry?"

"harry as in your harry?"


"no i don't think so oh wait he was talking to on Wednesday about this, yeah we went to this fab place my friend suggested it was so good" as she said it she smirked harry told her about our conversation

"well if you see harry tell him im looking for him"

"will do babe" she chuckled and i walked away

i wasn't looking where i was going and i bumped in to someone

"woah sorry!" it was Liam!

"its fine Liam great performance tonight!"

"thanks Bonnie! hey you alright?"

"yeah just a bit tired that's all" i smiled

"well come over and join us?"

"yeah can i pop to the loo first?"

Liam huffed jokingly "if you must!" he smiled at me and walked on

i walked into the bathroom, was harry making a joke of me? was i a joke to him? why is he like this? all of a sudden its just come on Mr smarty pants now he's on X Factor and can do what he wants when he wants can do anything with a girl cause he thinks he can get away with it. Mr im a celebrity that's it!

fame has got to him 




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