Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


21. i don't cheat.

"Happy New Year!" everyone cheered as we counted down from 5 to 1 and raised our glasses of champagne, orange juice for me. So yes December had flown past, Louis' birthday, end of school with everyone dressing up in Christmas gear, the boys went as santa's little helpers in the tiny female dresses and stockings and us girls went as ginger bread women, then we had Christmas, Harry gave me one of his hoodies which i get to keep and a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, while i got him the latest IPod with 500 hundred of his favorite songs already on it. and now here we are at new year, everyone's here all at harry's all his family, the boys and the girls and it was probably the best new years ive had, we had a meal then sat around the table and played cludeo and monopoly Louis wanted to play strip poker he was the only one. i know it doesn't sound that interesting but i really was amazing! we've had so much drama the past year i was glad to start off the year with a bang in the right direction, of course nothing lasts forever and there had to be some drama somewhere in my life.

Remember the name Georgia Bates? the one who slapped me and has been forever trying to get with harry? ever since the whole "you don't deserve her harry! shes a fat ugly skank" ho-har she has been reasonably quiet, but something had to come up sooner or later. it was when we went back to school & we had our first January gcse exam, we all queued up to go into the hall and sit in our places. as the line goes down and not across i ended up sitting next to Georgia. so anyway we started our exam,  the old test people distracted you with their Darth Vader breathing and nit natting about eastenders last night while giving me evils for my bump and i was happily writing away about the cold war and Nazi Germany when i looked up for 2 seconds


it was Georgia, THAT BITCH! everyone knows how hard i work for these exams

"no i never! look i'm almost done!"

"liar and cheat! you're going to make a fab mum!" she laughed, when a woman came up in front of me, got my paper and ripped it up right infront of my eyes, all 16 pages of writing now in pieces, all my hard work gone down the drain

"you are disqualified please may you leave?" 

"but i didn't cheat?"

"can you please leave or we will get the head master in" i looked over to Georgia and she smirked waving her hand goodbye sarcastically, i grabbed my bag and left the hall.  this as so out of order, my first exam of the year and i'm disqualified for doing nothing! i walked to the toilets and just cried, that girl was born to make my life a living hell! i had to tell Harry but he was in class so i had to wait until the hour was up and the bell went for lunch, i walked past the hall to get to the canteen and saw everyone flooding out, Niall was in the exam and saw the whole thing between me and Georgia we was walking out as i was walking past

"hey Bonnie! wait up!" he ran a bit quicker to catch up "you alright?!"

"could be better" we started walking

"she was a bitch to do that! everyone knows you would never cheat, she's just jealous"

"go tell that to the exam board" we both fell silent

"sorry Niall, that was really rude of me! im going to go talk to harry about it and see if we can go speak to them after lunch, im starving!"

"now your talking! lets get some grub!"

we went to sit on the canteen table everyone was there already as they didn't have any exams today, Harry saved me a seat next to him and Millie

"hey babe" we kissed quickly

"hey, you alright?" i asked

"yeah good actually Mr Bradbury said my Business coursework was A* if i tweak a few things! how was history?"

"don't want to talk about it, but that's amazing i'm proud of you!"

"why not? what happened?"

"Georgia Bates" Millie stopped her conversation with Liam when i said Georgia's name 

"what about her?" she span round to face me

"got me disqualified" 

"no way that's fair!"

"how come?"

"she accused me of cheating when i was almost finished"

"what did the exam board say?"

"they believed it!" Niall said across the table "yeah they ripped her paper right in front of her eyes"

"then what?"

"ordered me to leave" 

"why would she do that? what is her problem?" Harry was now getting angrier

"harry don't worry about it! its fine, i will retake in may"

"no Bonnie! Ava's coming in may! come with me" he stood up and grabbed both mine and his bags and my hand

"why where are we going?"

"to get into that thick girls mind that i love you and she needs to back off before someone gets hurt"

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