Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


16. how mum? she's gone.

Harry kissing another girl.
Shock ran through my veins, heart break fell on me like a ton of bricks, how could he do this? I was in utter disbelief, I questioned if I had done anything wrong for him to go off with another girl. I was having his baby for goodness sake! Before I knew it I was running out the hospital away from Harry, leaving the ring, leaving Gemma and Anne, leaving Harry.

Harry's P.O.V.

Allie was an old friend of mine, well we had a brief fling when I first came to Brighton, no longer than a month i ended it when I started liking Bonnie, we were just chatting about how we had been, her sister had broken her leg so she came to visit and noticed me, she goes to a different school so we haven't seen each other since I ended it, I was talking about Gemma when she leaned in and kissed me I pushed her away

"what the fuck are you doing?!" I stood away from her

"Harry I love you, I've never gotten over you"

"Allie my girlfriend is here! Thank god she didn't see that"

"Harry leave her, she doesn't know you like I do, I bet you never stopped loving me did you?" she took a step closer to me

"well how come she's carrying my baby?" I walked off, she pissed me off so much! Why sI I even date her? She just stood there in shock, I think that finally made her realise that she's not the one for me. About bloody time! I started walking towards the delivery room, sorted myself out before knocking on the door

"come in" it was Gemma, I walked in too see her and Ben sitting on the bed, while mum on the chair next to them. In Gemma's arms was a beautiful little baby

"aw congrats guys she's a beauty"

"where's Bonnie?" Gemma asked

"isn't she in here?"

"she said she was going to get you" mum said

"no I didn't see her, she's probably gone to the tolilet" she didn't see me and Allie did she? She couldn't have, it was only a few seconds. I went over to see Gemma and the Baby

"so have you got a name yet?"


"aw that's so sweet" then walked in a nurse carrying a box of jewellery. Mum walked over to put in her earrings, rings and watch.

"who's ring is this?" the nurse holding up Bonnie's ring

"that's Bonnie's" Gemma said

"I'll take it she'll be here in a minute" I took the ring and looked at it,

Another nurse spoke up
"is Bonnie the girl in the long dress a few months pregnant?" she faced towards me

"yeah that's my girlfriend"

"I saw her running out the reception door crying about 10 minutes ago" WHAT?, I pulled out my phone and rang her number

"you can't do that in here" the first nurse said, I walked out the door to the front of the hospital holding Bonnie's ring

Bonnie's P.O.V.



I was in tears, running through the hospital. Today had been so perfect, and Harry just had to ruin it. Stupid twat! I ran out the hospital into the night darkness. Only then I remembered I had no where to go, I wasn't wanted in my home, I didn't even want to look at Harry, I was officially homeless, I still had the hospital coat on from the delivery room I wrapped it around me attempting to keep me warm in the winter night, I just walked, didn't know where didn't care to be honest, I was starting to make my way into town only then I remembered it was a Friday night, pervert patrol.
I made the wrong decision walking into town at 11:30pm boys were outside clubs, off their faces, staring at me up and down. I was all glammed up so looked my best, I tired to keep my head up not making eye contact with anyone until this one bit came and stood infront of me

"excuse me" I said quietly

"aw what's the problem babe, need to go home to daddy?" I could smell the alcohol in this breath

"no I'd just like to get through please" stop no making eye contact with anyone, I stepped to my left he followed not letting me through

"I'll let you through if you do something for me and my friends over there" he pointed at a group of boys, smirking, smoking and drinking.

"no thank you I'd just like to get home" I looked down when he grabbed me by the jaw, squeezing my cheeks together, making me look at him. What had I got my self into to?

"I said do something" he let go of my face, and started undoing the buttons on the hospital coat
"see boys she even dressed up for us!" I pushed his chest away from me hard making him stinks back a bit, he knocked over his pint glass which he placed on the floor, I made a run for it around him, trying to be as quick as I can, but he caught me.

"where do you think your going?" he grabbed my weiss tight making it impossible for me to move, I struggled in his arms trying to break free, and turned me around to face him holding down my arms by my shoulders, he kissed me on my face then quickly worked his way down to my neck and boobs

"get off me" I lifted my knee up into his gut. He punched me hard on my face, I fell to the floor, tying not to land on my stomach, i covered my hands and arms over my bump but then he kicked me hard several times, I screamed

"oh shut up, you piece of shit" he spat at me and walked away leaving me on the street, crying.

No-ones P.O.V

She was lifeless, unable to move let alone walk, people walked past her thinking she was drunk and asleep everyone apart from a mother with her eight year old daughter walking early in the morning

"mum look she's sleeping!" the little girl pointed Bonnie out to her mother, she looked over

"she's not sleeping that blood! Issy got in that cafe and get the waitress to come out!" the woman came running over, she didn't dare touch Bonnie apart from checking a pulse, there was one, it was faint but there, a waitress came running over on the phone to the ambulance as soon as you knew it the ambulance was there, lifting Bonnie's body into the vehicle. The woman and her daughter walked to the hospital they wanted to make sure Bonnie was okay, they were wheeling Bonnie through the doors when Gemma was being wheeled into her room

"that's Bonnie!" she gasped

Harry's P.O.V

I spent most of the night out looking for Bonnie, until I gave up and broke down on the bench, 4 hours later my mum found me sitting in the floor leaning against the bench and she bought me back here, the rest of the night I didn't sleep, couldn't stop thinking about Bonnie, when Genma came in the next morning

"Harry! Bonnie has just been wheeled through into emergency care!"

"WHAT?" I stood up and ran our the door as quick as I could, I ran through the corridor and the double door with EMERGENCY written above and saw Bonnie lying there white, cold, lifeless. She couldn't be dead. A doctor came up infront of me and told me to leave,

"THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" I pushed into him but he was strong and stopped me, i reached out to Bonnie,

"THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND! BONNIE! BONNIE! IM HERE BON! C'MON BONNIE!" the doctors were starting to look more worried and started to move quicker

"THAT'S MY BABY! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER AND THE BABY AWAY FROM ME! PLEASE!" I was praying I couldn't lose her, She was my world. I looked at the heart monitor connected to her chest, the beats were slowing down, getting weaker and weaker, until nothing a straight line filled the screen

"NO! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!" I was crying, angry, upset, guilt, confused

"BONNIE! PLEASE! I LOVE YOU!" the doctor was helping me out. I pulled him away from me and kicked the door open ran though and put my head on the wall, my world was gone, I hit the wall with my fist

"Harry?" It was my mum

"she's gone" I said through my years "they've gone"

Her eyes watered up "come here" she gave me a huge huge "everything's going to be okay" she was now in tears

I started sobbing heavily into her shoulder

"how mum? Ava's gone, Bonnie's gone, my world has disappeared"

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