Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


12. her last name will be Styles.

"Harry, Bonnie on the 21st of May you will be having a little baby girl! congratulations!"

Taylor hugged us both and walked out the room, Harry walked infront of me

"i knew it!"

"harry we are having a baby girl!" i said in astonishment

"i know! I am so proud of you, you've made my life amazing, thank you" he kissed me softly i held his face in my hands keeping our foreheads touching

"a little baby girl harry, we are going to have a daughter!" we couldn't stop smiling i think we both secretly want a girl, we hugged for a while before getting our bags to go and tell everyone


"we've got to start thinking about names" harry said as we were walking back home

"mmmmnnnn what names do you like then?"

"Daisy and Lily are my two favorite names, they were the ones that stuck in my head when you first told me"

"i like Daisy and Lily! i also like Ava"

"Ava is a beautiful name Bon, i love that!"

"Ava Styles, aw it sounds so real now!"

"Styles?" Harry stopped and looked at me

"yeah Styles, just like her father"

"why isn't she having your name? she is yours too!"

"Harry I thought you'd want that?"

"yeah i do but you're her mother! she should have your name!"

"I'm not going to be Haines forever!"

"I still want you to be apart of her name"

"c'mon Harry we're going to be late and i wanna tell Gemma!" i pulled his hand so we started walking

"fine but how about your middle name?"

"Marie? Ava Marie Styles"

"Perfect" he smiled, he obviously loved the name

"Ava Marie Styles" i felt a movement in my belly i stopped and looked down breaking hands with Harry

"Bon what is it?" 

i rubbed my belly "i think she likes that name! Harry feel quick!" he out his hand next to mine and there was a little thump

"whoa! i think she does! has that happened before?" Harry smiled

"no! she finally saying hello!" you could see on both our faces that we were so excited now!

"c'mon mum's probably getting worried!" he took my hand and we walked home, didn't talk just smiled              



We walked through the door and saw Anne and Gemma in the kitchen

"they're here!" Gemma said to her mum

"ooh-ooh! and?"

"date or sex?" harry asked

"both" Gemma said

"wanna go first?" harry asked me

"no you go"

"OK so mum, on the 21st of May"

"we are having a baby girl!"

"oh my goodness! congratulations!" Anne hugged us both

"so have you got a name?" Gemma asked

"Ava Marie Styles"

"aw that's beautiful" Gemma hugged us both

"I'm going to go and ring Mel tell her the good news" Gemma and Harry sat on the sofa and started chatting

i dialed her number and walked into mine and Harry's room

"hello" i wasn't Mel's voice. it was my dad's


"who is this?"

"where's Mel?"

"she's at work, she forgot her phone, who is this?"

"its Bonnie"

his tome changed instantly

"what do you want"

"i had my scan today, found out the gender and when im due"

"oh and?"

"why would you want to know? you wanted her dead remember"

"so its a girl"

"yeah, hows mum?"

"missing you, we all do"

i wasn't ready for my parents, it was just too  much to handle, i know it was selfish of me but ive got a baby to think about

"well when Mel gets in tell her to call me"

"OK miss yo-" i hung up and threw the phone on the bed

"hey what did the phone do?" Harry stood at the doorway

"that was dad"

"what did he say"

"they miss me"

"of course they do, are you going to see them?"

"i don't want any of them ruining this day. i want to spend it with you and Ava" i walked over to Harry and kissed him on the lips and went to help Anne with dinner

"Bonnie, Harry and Ava Styles" i heard Harry whisper as i walked out




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