Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


37. head or heart?

"so how did it go?" we asked the boys down the phone, we both had it on speaker phone it was me and Dani with Liam and Harry

"it went so well! much better than rehearsals!" Liam said!

"aw im glad babe well done mwah!" Dani made a kissing noise down the phone

"so who was your mentor?"  i asked

"guess" Harry said laughing

"i think its Louis" Dani said

"na Louis either goes to Ireland or Vegas!" i said

"there's nothing wrong with Ireland!" we heard Niall shout in the back ground

"i know Nialler! erm i think either Simon or Dani"

"why don't you talk to them! they're in the corridor right now!" Harry said

"huh? what? Harry what you doing?" me and Dani both shouted

we heard muffling and some speaking we couldn't make out

"hello" and very deep posh British accent. i t was Simon! Simon Cowell was the boys mentor and we were talking to him!

"um hi"

"you're Harry and Liam girlfriends am i right?" he was asking the boys

we stayed quiet we both couldn't believe it! we were talking to Simon Cowell!

"well ladies your boyfriends are extremely talented you chose very well!" he laughed down the phone we laughed back he seemed very genuine for someone so powerful in the music business

"right ive got to get to a meeting it was lovely talking ladies"

"you too" we giggled back, he passed the phone back to Harry and Liam

"what just happened?" we both screamed down the phone!

"calm down girls!" Liam said

"but its pretty cool eh?"

"im so proud of you Liam!" Dani said down the phone

"as am i Harry!" i shouted quickly giggling, i heard a sarcastic cough in the background "and you boys too!" 

"thank you" i heard Louis say

"so whats it like hanging out with Simon Cowell?" Dani asked

"well he is a busy man, we don't like hang out with him like a mate but last night all the groups had dinner with him which was really weird"

"ooooohhhh sounds fancy!"

"oh it was had like 5 courses but each course was like a spoonful for Ava which didn't make Niall happy!" Harry said

"no it didn't we ordered pizza after we got back to the hotel room but then Louis threw it out the window into the pool"

"sounds about right"Dani said

"Harry?" i said

"yeah babe?"

"does Simon know about Ava?"

"yeah Dermot told him after our audition apparently you were talk of the day!"

"oh god! really?!" 

"what it will make us stand out from the crowd!" he laughed

"we'll be known as the band with the audition with the birth haha!" Louis laughed

"shut it Lou, i could tell much worse!" i shouted back

"how is she?"

"she's actually being really good! sleeping a good 5 hours at a time!"

"aw wish i could be there!"

"You will on Friday!"

"good im missing you loads!"

"missing you more!"

"right we're off for dinner with the crew and other groups i'll ring you tomorrow and tell you the result!"

"no! don't i want to see your reaction at the airport!"

"okay babe love you"

"love you too"

"give my love to Ava"

"will do babe"

and he hung up i sighed put my phone in my pocket

"wanna a cuppa?" i asked Danielle who was now on the sofa watching come dine with me

"sure i'll come help"

i boiled the kettle and put out two mugs with a tea bag each and got the milk out the fridge

"do you think fame will change them?"

"change who"

"the boys"

"they haven't got through judges houses yet!"

"i know but cant you feel it? like if they do get through all the media attention all the fans the fame do you think they'll change?"

"honestly i don't know, none of us do, we don't know how they will react to the fame but the best thing we can do is act normally with them, its our job to keep them grounded" 

"i suppose but its more difficult for you as you have Ava"

"i thin, Ava is the reason to why Harry has stayed grounded through this whole experience it helped the boys stay grounded too"

"what are you going to do about Ava? the press are bound to find out about her and that Harry is her dad"

"whats wrong with that? people are going to find out anyway"

"i don't know im just getting paranoid"

"don't be! we'll be fine Dani we'll all be fine!" i gave her a quick hug and then finished making the tea then we sat on the sofa laughing about little things enjoying our night 



"if they get through, they'll be living in London! we will go down to London every weekend! its going to be amazing!" Perrie said jumping up and down in her seat in the front of the car

"hold your horses! we don't even know if they've got through yet!" i said sitting between El and Dani. Anne gave us a lift with Rob Harry's step dad in the car behind we were so excited to see the boys again. even though it was like 5 days so much had happened, i mean the boys knew their future and we didn't it felt really weird. that day could of gone 2 ways either the boys got through and were so happy they legged it through the door screaming and shouting or they walked through the door normally with faces almost hitting the ground. El and Perrie even made a banner saying "WELCOME HOME BOYS" for when they walked through the door. 

We were waiting in the arrivals lounge standing there felt like a lifetime we first saw the x factor crew come out with their bags and boxes full of equipment them some of the other groups so were so happy to get in the live shows they were congratulated by their families with kisses and hugs or there were groups who walked through with a faint smile shaking their heads and crying into family members arms. 

We watched the door eagerly and out walked the boys, heads down in silence. they hadn't made it through. god damn it! they were so good! even Simon said himself! i walked over to Harry

"hey babe"


"everything okay?"

he just groaned, the other boys were with their girls and Niall was talking to Anne

"so what did he say"

"um at first he was like we were a risk, like his head was telling him that we were a risk but then he said his heart felt like we deserved it" he said with his head still down




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