Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


2. Finally it's Friday

Bonnie's P.O.V. 

"no way!" 

"did Harry just ask you to prom Bon?" 

"aw that's so cute!"

"we have to go dress shopping now that we all have dates!"  they all do a excited little dance

"wait one minute? You all have dates now? since when?"

"Niall asked me walking home yesterday!" said Millie

"Liam was round mine last night and asked!" said Danielle

"Louis gave me a haribo ring and proposed asking me last night!" said Eleanor

"Zayn asked me this morning!" Perrie said

"aw! That's so cute" we all did a little group hug excited about what to wear and how we would have our make up and hair done

"c'mon ladies! We better get to class!" said Liam taking Danielle's hand we all separated into our couples

"did you know that the others asked the girls to prom aswell last night and this morning?" I asked Harry as we strolled to English

"no I had no idea!" Harry smirked he must of had something to do with it! We walked to our different classes and agreed to meet up at lunch in the canteen. I kissed Harry and ran to class I was already running late! 

Millie's P.O.V

We all met up in the canteen, we took up a whole table there were 10 of us all together all engrossed in our own little conversations. Me and Bonnie have been friends since we were playing with baby dolls, we've grown up around each others families she's like a sister to me

"so what colour dress are you thinking?"

  "I dunno maybe a Royal blue or Emerald green, I'm thinking more green than blue it would suit Harry more match his eyes almost!"

  "aw you two lovebirds!" I sighed

  "you are happy with Niall!?" she questioned back 

"yeah course i am just remember we've only been dating a few months nothing compared to you and Harry!"

"it's just a matter of time babe!"  I hugged her! She knew me inside and out

"hey guys we were wondering if you wanna come to the cinema Friday? I was able to get some really cheap tickets with my employers discount!" Louis announced 

"sure what do you want to see?" Zayn said

"I dunno about everyone else but TED looks amazing!" Eleanor said sitting down with her food

"yeah let's go see that! You up for it babe?" Niall asked me

"yeah sure! Sounds fun! You up for it Bon?"

  "yea Me and Harry will come!"

  "right then it's a date!" Liam said smiling at Danielle the bell went off and we all headed to final classes

Bonnie's P.O.V.  

I had drama with Perrie, drama was one of my favourite lessons i love acting and theatre. Harry took me to the local theatre to see Romeo and Juliet on our second date and it has forever been my favourite play

"so how's you and Zayn?" I ask Perrie as the class separate into pairs. Zayn and Perrie had been dating one month less than me and Harry

"really good! He's amazing, so kind and caring, my family loves him!" she goes off for a moment day dreaming

"Perrie! PERRIE! Wake up girl!" I shake her shoulder slightly

"oh sorry, anyways how's Hazza?"

"Amazing! He's just incredible, although I think we are getting to that stage when we are getting a bit more serious!" I say as we get given our work

"what do you mean?" she asks

"you know we've been dating a while now and I think we are taking up to the next level"

  "what like sex?" Perrie says a little too loud!

"SSSHHHHHH!! Not yet but I think soon....maybe.....I dunno....forget I said anything!" I dismiss the conversation as quick as I can!  Once the class finished I walked out to see Harry standing there on his mobile he hadn't noticed me so I text him 

*TEXT MESSAGE* FROM BONNIE: ok so I see this girl standing outside her drama class, she's standing opposite this boy and I have a feeling she wants him to kiss her" Harry looks up at me and does nothing 

*TEXT MESSAGE*FROM  HARRY: oh yeah Well maybe she should go and talk to him I walk over to him

"sorry to bother you but you look a lot like my boyfriend!" I say to him

"well you look a lot like my girlfriend" he's smirking I lean in for a kiss ad he kisses me back our lips fit each other perfectly, I pull away 

"oh you are my boyfriend" I say resting my forehead on his smiling, 

"well I'm bloody glad I am! Don't want you going round kissing random strangers who look like me!"  We start to walk out of school hand in hand, he drops me off back home and walks away back to his.  Days passed and we were finally on Friday, this week has been really hard we had mock exams ad constant revision so it was nice to have a break, Harry walked me home

"I'll see you at 7" he said kissing my forehead

"love you" I kissed him on the lips

"love you too" he said once he broke away and walked off down the street  once he was out of sight I went inside as saw that mum and dad had already left for London. Mel was in the kitchen making dinner I think.

"you don't have to make me dinner I'm out remember!" I said looking in the fridge

"oh I know this is for Saturday!"

"why where will you be?" I closed the fridge

"I'm out with mates remember you have the house to your self till Sunday" 

"oh right ok well I better get ready when you leaving?" 

"Stacey is picking me up at 8" I walked upstairs dumped my bag on my floor and went for a shower.  I curled my hair into loose curls put on a pair of tight Grey skinny jeans and cream loose vest with jewellery attached from one shoulder to the other following the hem line and black blazer and my black ankle wedges, I added some make up not too much though i prefer being a bit natural by the time I looked at my clock it was 6:57.

I grabbed my black clutch and headed for the door just as I was walking down stairs the door knocked  I opened it and stood there was harry wearing green jeans a white t-shirt and a blazer with converse

  "hey babe" I walked out and kissed him

"wow you look beautiful!" he commented

"thank you! Mel see you later" I shouted upstairs

"bye love birds!" she shouted back and I closed the door. We walked to the cinema it was about 10 minutes when we arrived everyone was there We were greeted with "hiyas" and "you alright?" and we made our way into the cinema

Harry's P.O.V. 

The movie was hilarious I've never seen such a funny film I had my arm around Bonnie the whole time and she had her hand on my knee, we were perfect together. Once the movie had finished we all went to nandos for dinner, it was ramed! Luckily Liam had ordered a table before the movie! Once we had paid and left it was getting late and I walked Bonnie back to her house

"you're not walking home are you?" she asked once we reached the front door

"no I'm going get my magic broom stick and fly with dobby! Course I am"

"Harry! It's not safe this late! I don't want you too!" she protested

"what else am I going to do?"

"well mum and dad are away for the weekend and Mel is at a friends til Sunday morning! We have the house to our selves" she said opening the front door

"Bon!" she had walked through the door leading me through to the kitchen

"what?" she asked kicking off her shoes and walking up stairs holding my hand til we got to her bed room

Bonnie's P.O.V.

Harry closed the door and came and lay on the bed next to me. This is it! I knew It was coming soon, secretly I thought he wanted it to he is just to much of a gentle man to tell anyone.

Harry's P.O.V. 

Did she want it as much as me? She must of otherwise she wouldn't of come straight up to bed 

"Harry calm down we don't have to?" 

"Bon there is nothing else I've wanted  to do more, I love you"

"love you too"

Bonnie's P.O.V. 

And well I won't tell you the rest

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