Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


24. family


"can we come in?" it was the rest of the gang peering round the door

"yeah sure come on!" i said through my tears, they all walked in one behind the other, grins from one ear to the other

"where is she then?" Eleanor asked walking to my side i nudged my head down at Ava lying on my chest

"aw Bonnie shes adorable congratulations!" she gave me a quick squeeze and harry a hug, we were still both wiping our tears away, we did the rounds of hugs and "aw's!" at Ava, everyone sat down as we started chatting away when harry looked at me as if for permission,, i gently smiled and nodded

"um guys me and Bon were talking the other day and we'd both love it if all you were Ava's god-fathers?"

"and girls you be her god-mothers?" i added.

"we'd love to" Louis said with open arms

"thank you, means a lot" Perrie said and they all agreed

"that's a sigh of relief!" me and harry both laughed we were worried they would refuse, i looked down at Ava peacefully lying there on my chest, her little chest moving up and down

"uh! harry come here quick!" he looked up, worry in his eyes

"what? whats wrong with her?!" he got up quickly and ran over next to me

"nothing just look" i stayed calm, harry came over and leaned next to me looking at Ava

"her eyes!" he whispered

"aren't they beautiful!" i whispered back


"they look like yours" they were green with a hint of blue with the outer line dark brown

"no they don't! you have brown eyes!"

"and you have green eyes!" Louis sighed and got up from his seat

"right, Bonnie she has your eyes because of the brown, harry she has your eyes because of the green OK?"

"sorry Louis" we both said in sync and smirked

"right glad we have that cleared up! but boy harry, shes going to be a looker! shes going to be bringing in the boys like no tomorrow!"

"Louis! shes only a few hours old!" i said

"they'll have to get through me first" harry said proudly

"alright daddy! just wait a few more years maybe?"

"OK, why don't you give her to me? take her off your chest" he took Ava off my chest and cradled her in his arms, gently kissing her forehead singing her to sleep quietly while the others chatted, i got up and headed to the toilets, i washed my hands and face and looked up in the mirror, my god i looked a state! my hair was disgusting makeup all smudged my face, i washed off the remaining make up and tied my hair into a messy bun and headed back to my room in the hospital gown

"Bonnie darling!" it was my mum! jogging down the corridor following was Mel, dad and Anne

"mum!" i span round and she gave me a huge hug,

"where's Ava?" she asked

"in there" i pointed to my room "Harry's got her"

"i want to finally meet her!" Mel hugged me then walked into my room following mum, Anne came next and kissed me on my cheek smiling and gave me a hug and i was left with dad in the corridor

"im proud of you" he smiled at me

"aw dad..."

"no i really am! you've done this on your own! and we haven't been the best of parents, you and harry are going to be amazing parents for Ava"

"so you know like Harry?"

"im working on it" we both smiled

"come here sweet heart" he pulled me in for a hug, i wrapped my arms around him tight and squeezed my eyes shut tight, i heard him sniff

"dad are you crying?" i laughed

"no i have something in my eye!"

"haha right come on! you've got to meet your grand daughter!"

"suppose ive got to get used to that!"

we walked through the door to see mum holding with Mel standing next to her and Anne talking to harry with all the others still in there seats, it was extremely crowded

"oh boys tell them how your audition went!"

"oh yes, of course! so boys?" Anne asked looking round at the boys sitting down and facing back to harry

"well we got 4 yes's!"

"oh boys congratulations!" Anne went and did the round of hugs, giving harry two!

"dad come meet Ava! shes a beauty!" Mel called out over the room, dad walked over and mum passed her to him, his eyes started watering

"oh god dad! not again!"

"sorry!, its a big day for me!"

harry walked over to me and hugged me from behind, properly now since my bump has disappeared he rested my chin on my shoulder and kissed my cheek as we watched everyone doing their different things in the room, this was our family


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