Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


34. don't fade away

Its been nearly 3 weeks since Bonnie was found and nothing had happened, seeing as school had finished for our year we had nothing to do, so i took Ava to the hospital everyday to visit Bonnie, i spent all day everyday with Ava whether it was rehearsals with the boys which we didn't do much, i spent a good 10 hours at the hospital with Ava and Bonnie  her parents were there a lot too, and Mel hardly left, the boys visited a few times with their girlfriends apart from  Niall of course but he was the only who spent the most time with me. Ever since Millie had started to get funny Niall and Bonnie spent more time together, we all missed her so much, it felt weird her not being around, her laughed filled the room it was contagious, sometimes i catch myself laughing at the memories of her, cackling like she used to, being an utter prat and not giving a care in the world the amount of fun and laughter she bought me. she was more than i could ever imagine. me and Mel were sitting in the hospital room

"do you ever wish things that have happened this year never happened?" she asked me looking down

"like what?"

"well like this, or when she got attacked or your argument?"

"i dunno, cause if they didn't happen where would we be? they've made us what we are today, they've certainly made me and Bonnie stronger as a couple and im grateful for that, how about you?"

"i wish this never happened"

"don't blame yourself, you didn't know where she was going, what she was doing and she said she would be back after a few minutes"

"but i could have prevented it!"

"and i could have prevented the last time she was in this place, but look at us now, we've got a baby and we are amazing together, don't get yourself worked up about it, you'll come out of this and be stronger than ever trust me"

"thanks Harry, god she chose good didn't she, wish i had a boyfriend like you!"

"come here" i stood up and gave her a hug, over this whole thing we've gotten quite close, not like love but like friendship"

"you know what tomorrow is?" she asked saying it into my jumper

"yeah its the 20th day"

"decision day"

"do you know what time?"

"11 i think"

"well i'll be here from 9 but we better go I've got to feed Ava and talk to mum and the boys, i'll see you tomorrow?"

"yep i'll be here but can you not bring Ava she reminds me of Bonnie too much plus i don't want her here if Bonnie doesn't make it"

"sure alright bye"

i walked out the hospital pushing Ava in her buggy and went home. i pushed Ava through the door

"and?" mum asked

"tomorrows the final day, it gets turned off at 11"

"she'll be fine harry"


"you know how strong she is, shes a little fighter always has been"

"yeah well im going to feed Ava then go to bed, do you mind having her tomorrow don't really want her to be there with us in the state we are going to be in"

"sure, ive just boiled the kettle"

"thanks" i kissed her on the cheek went to the kitchen to make Ava a bottle and carried her upstairs to my bed room, i sat on my bed leaning against the head board with my knees risen and Ava lying on them drinking her formula so decided to ring Niall

"hello" his Irish accent is noticeable anywhere

"hey mate its harry"

"oh hey how you doing?"

"could be better how bout you?"

"you know, getting along"

"i was just um wondering if you were coming down to the hospital tomorrow?"

"why is Bonnie okay?"

"life support is getting taken off tomorrow and i think Bonnie would like you to be there"

"has it really been 20 days?"

"yeah only seems like yesterday"

"yeah i'll be there what time?"

"11 so um I'll see you tomorrow"

"OK mate see ya tomorrow"

i hung up the phone and looked at Ava just lying there staring straight back at me, her big beautiful eyes, i decided that night she would sleep in the bed with me, i felt so distant to Bonnie and Ava was the closet thing she i put her in between 2 pillows in the middle of the bed on top of the covers. i got changed and joined her resting her body on my arm and slowly drifted off to sleep.

She woke up multiple times, more than most nights maybe she sensed something was wrong can babies do that? i had slept no more than an hour last night it wasn't Ava's fault i just couldn't get Bonnie out of my mind, it was around 6 when i finally got up i took Ava down stairs and gave her a bottle before giving her to mum while i took a shower and got ready to go when i was getting ready Niall text me

"hey mate, do you want a lift to the hospital?"

"yeah mate if you don't mind thanks"

i said goodbye  to mum and Ava and waited outside for Niall to pick me up, his mum Maura was driving the car and tried to make conversation during the journey, she was such an upbeat person i bet she didn't know what to say in these situations, no one did but she dropped us off at 9:30 and we walked in. Bonnie's parents were there as was Mel. we waited for what seemed like a lifetime until it was 10:30 and the nurse came to the room

"are you ready?"

"what will happen?" Mel asked

"either  her heart will be strong enough and carry on beating or her heart will slowing fade with the life support, each person is different"

"may we say our good byes first?"

"of course i'll be back whenever you're ready" she left room as did me and Niall to leave them alone as a family then once they had finished they came out to give me and Niall a chance to say goodbye we walked in and sat either side of her, we didn't say anything aloud but said it in our minds a few minutes passed and we both wiped tears away and the others came in followed by the nurse and a doctor. Niall came and stood behind me while Bonnie's mum and dad went to where Niall was and Mel sat on the end of the bed

"are we ready?" he asked getting himself prepared

"as ready as we'll ever be" her dad huffed out

we watched eagerly as he turned off the machine and unplugged a few wires from Bonnie's wrists and nose, we looked at the heart monitor hearing the constant beep starting to fade, her mum and Mel started to weep silently my eyes didn't move from the monitor but i heard them tears started to stream down my face as the beep got quieter and quieter till i could just hear it.


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